Boy’s Room Tour

March 8, 2011

I’ve been falling asleep in this space for a few nights, I just can’t help it!  I find snuggling up with my little guy in this room late at night completely irresistible.  It’s here where I learn all his secrets, his battle plans, and if I listen carefully, the location of buried treasure.  It seems everyone in our house has been spending more hours in this room lately, especially the resident to whom it belongs, our five year old son.

Last year we said goodbye to the soft blue nursery walls, and upgraded to a more mature, more intense teal blue, and the completion of the board and batten treatment last week enhances the color even more.  I wanted it to be a bright clean happy place, one where he could adventure and explore.  A room where he could not only display everything he loves right this very moment, but one that would also adapt to his changing interests over time.

Want the grand tour of our boy’s room?   Come on in!

cg boys room entrance


This room measures 10 feet by 12 feet, but we managed to pack a lot of style plus storage into its square footage.  On the back of his door is a place to hold shirts or hats, or the less practical but also necessary capes and costumes.

cg back of door


You’ll spy that Hemnes dresser that I painted last year.



Up above are some $5 pine shelves I found on clearance in a craft store, then I primed and painted them white.

cg display shelves

This little sailboat I found in a thrift store last year, who would ever part with it?

cg porthole mirror


On the other side of the room is a storage cabinet I painted for the lad last year.

cg painted storage tower

There are many bins, baskets and cubbies to hold friends, books, keepsakes, and toys.

cg boys storage tower


I painted his humdrum white closet doors with his wall paint to make them pop.  I love the repetition of the rectangles and the contrast between teal blue and white.

cg painted closet doors


On his bed are some simple pillows that he always tosses on the floor at night.



My little guy loves to line up his favorite cast of characters on his new shelf when he’s not engaged in fierce role play.

band of rebels on shelf


Yes, he is going through his ‘Star Wars phase’.  I hear it lasts for years and many boys never grow out of it.  I don’t mind at all, I grew up with it too, so hearing him tell me the same stories about Luke and Leia are a trip down memory lane.

I couldn’t resist framing a few of his favorite cast of characters above his bed, but it doesn’t end with the band of Star Wars rebels.  Boats, motorcycles, sea adventures, and treasure maps all collide in his imaginative universe, so why not display them all?



cg art wall 1




Last year his bed looked like this:

bed wall before


Today it’s a little fresher:

boys room bed on wall

Beware, many battles and rescues take place beneath!

battle under bed

Again, another pic of his room from last year:

boys room before


And today:

cg dresser on wall


Do you think maybe it just might be possible that this boy likes this room ?

cg boy jumping

I reckon he does.

Oh to bottle and sip from that source of energy . . .

cg boys room after

So there’s the big tour!

Now I’m off to adventure with this imaginative boy for as long as he will let me.

Full room source guide here.



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