Boy’s Room: Sources, Projects, & a Question

March 9, 2011

Thanks friends for all the kind comments on the boy’s room!  As promised, here’s a recap of all the projects that went into the space over the last six months, with questions answered plus the source guide.

cg boys room after

I love the rug. Where can I find it?  ~ Maria, Beth & Brenda

I do too, it’s my favorite accent in the room.  The cotton rug adds both a boyish stripe and a coastal feel.  The rug is the 6’ x 9’ Woven Caravan Stripe by Dash & Albert. 


Where did you get the little table and chairs?  ~ Amy W.

Can you tell us more about the tiny chairs and table?  ~ Stacia

cg chair dresser rug


Hey gals, I found those chairs and the little coffee table at two different thrift stores, then reupholstered the chairs with some vintage tweed fabric, also from a thrift store. 

I painted the table with Hudson Paint ‘Deep Ocean’ chalkboard paint last summer. 

I’m completely smitten with colored chalkboard paint.  Next up?  I’m painting my friend’s little girl’s closet doors a raspberry color.  Should be fab!

chalkboard table

Read the step by step on the fun chalkboad table and chairs in my boy’s room here!  Both my kids doodle on this table all the time, waging fierce battles of tic-tac-toe.  


Please can you cite the source of the curtain fabric?  ~ Suzanne

Did you sew the curtains?  Jeannene  & Alice A.

The window panels I made myself out of a retro inspired print called Pendant Blue that I found at Tonic Living.  Have you visited Tonic Living?  Amazing patterns, and at reasonable prices.  Use the code CENTSATIONAL to save 10% !

retro fabric

The fabric is so quirky and cool, but mostly I love how it pulls together the shades of blue and green in the space, and the chocolate brown looks fantastic against the crisp white board and batten.  It also adds a fun geometric! 

BTW, lining your curtains with *el cheapo* drop cloths is a great trick to add weight and texture to your window panels.

sewing panels

No one will ever see it, but to me it feels oh so nautical to have canvas on the backside.  I stitched the canvas and the fabric together, then flipped them inside out and hemmed the panels to the proper length.   Making panels just like these is just another reason why I taught myself to sew


Where did you get his bed frame from?  It is so simple and versatile!  ~ Beth   Could you include the bed in your source guide? ~ Megan

Hey Beth and Megan!  I can’t remember exactly where I bought this platform bed a few years ago when we got rid of the crib, but you can find a similar one right here.  Shop around, many sites offer this style of bed.  I love its simplicity but more importantly, because the room is narrow (only 10’ wide) having a platform bed makes it feel more spacious. 

platform bed

Months ago, I had every intention of building him a bed similar to this without the skirt.  I still might.  For the time being, I gave the existing maple wood bed a coat of Zinsser oil based primer and two coats of fresh paint in Ben Moore’s ‘Split Pea’. 

painted bed


Above his bed, I had planned on building longer versions of West Elm’s modular shelves, but settled on a gallery wall instead.  


It includes his own art (a ‘treasure map’ to the left and hand print to the right), a boat print found in an art shop, two Star Wars images found online, this Whale Dreams print, this motorcycle art print, and over in the corner, this sweet Milner chopper print

art wall


I’m loving the text that is framed but can’t quite make it out. Could you let me know what it says?  I would love to make one for my boy’s room.  ~ Catherine

Thank you Catherine, that is one of my favorite A.A. Milne quotes from the voice of Christopher Robin to Winnie the Pooh.  Don’t you think it applies to us grownups too?  

braver quote

It just typed up the text in a Word document, you can download my 8 ½ x 11 here.


That ceiling fixture is wonderful! ~ Tery   Can you give us the source on the ceiling light?  ~ Melanie & Dani   Where did you get that lovely light fixture?   ~ Pita & Shannon   Could could give details on the hanging lamp?  ~ Tara

The center 24” drum chandelier is from Lamps Plus, and so is the plug in drum chandy over the dresser (I added ribbon trim).  I had a store credit, so these are what I picked.  You can find a similar oversized version at CB2.  My boy thinks it’s an alien space ship, I love that.  Does anyone have any other source for a similar drum shade fixture? 

The IKEA Hemnes dresser I found on Craigslist and painted white with blue stripe trim, read the full story here



Did you create the nautical mirror next to the sail boat?  ~ Katharine

Yep!  A porthole mirror is easy to make from simple craft supplies (mine are from Michaels) including a wooden plate, a mirror, birch buttons, craft and spray paint. 

porthole mirror supplies

Simply spray paint the wood white, super glue the mirror, then paint the little knobs and glue them on top.  So easy and too cute!  They’d be fab in a trio on a beach cottage wall, doncha think?

porthole mirror with boat


I’m wondering about the picture of your son on the beach.  Did you do the wrap around?  ~ Manja

boy on beach 2

Hi Manja!  That gallery wrapped canvas is from Color Incorporated, they did a fantastic job mounting one of my favorites of my boy on canvas.


Can you tell us the names of the paint colors; specifically the blue and also the green in the bookcase?  ~  Wendy  

What is the wall color?  ~ Jen & Amy

cg storage tower

Hi ladies!  The green inside the cabinet is called ‘New Orleans’.  I found it at True Value last year when I painted this storage tower.  The wall color is ‘La Fonda Villa Fountain’ by Valspar, available at Lowes. 

And yes Traci, I agree with you my friend, boys are just the best!  But don’t tell my daughters I said that.  I’ll just deny it.  Them’s fightin’ words, and my girls will challenge many boys their age to arm wrestle.  They’re kinda feisty like that. 

Finally, this question came up from Victoria:  What kind of camera lens do I use?  To capture this 10’ x 12’ space, I used my Nikon D90 with a Tamron 10-24 mm lens. 

A huge thank you Sarah Jane for this kind reflection on the room, and also some insight on the struggle we moms face to design a space that fosters imaginative play without completely bowing to commercialism.  I’m sure if my boy had his way, he’d cover his walls with Stormtrooper wallpaper (does it even exist?).  I prefer to give him a blank canvas upon which he can create his own universe with his imagination. 

I’m sure I’ll face those issues as he grows older, that sliding scale of youthful expression versus what’s acceptable in the home.  I’m a believer in letting kids express themselves in their own spaces, but within reason.   

The Question:

Moms of teens, what are your thoughts on the subject?  I welcome your insight!  Do you involve yourself in your older kids’ room décor?  Are there televisions or computers in their rooms?  Do you set limits?  Or do you allow them full rein of their domain? 



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