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February 8, 2011

Midweek greetings!  I’m on my way to New Orleans today to meet with some of the fantastic folks at RustOleum, and can’t wait to see what they have prepared for a few of us bloggers in attendance!  I always think about regional food when I travel to a new place, and I’m really hoping to savor some good jambalaya while I’m there.  Got any recommendations?  Thankfully this is the last trip across the country for quite some time, whew !

Announcing the winner of the Geezees custom canvas giveaway: #201 Emily C. !    Emily, I’ve emailed your information to the company, expect a contact shortly to start customizing your canvas.

Today, I have another fabulous giveaway, and definitely one that is right on trend.  In the mood to introduce some pattern to your walls?  Well then time to get your hands on a stencil by Cutting Edge Stencils!

Remember last week’s article offering up tips from bloggers on successful stenciling?  Now’s your chance to put all their advice to good use!

Here’s a peek at just a few of the many patterns and styles available:

allover stencil

allover pattern and flower

damask kerry

crysanthemum and acanthus

damask stencil

So many design possibilities!

Cutting Edge Stencils is giving away to three winners a $50 store credit to their shop (that’s enough to purchase most of their stencils!)  Woot!

Eligibility to win one of three $50 shop credits to Cutting Edge Stencils:

1) Hop on over to Cutting Edge Stencils and pick a favorite from their shop, then name it in a comment!

2) For a second chance to win, link to this giveaway on Facebook, or tweet about this giveaway on Twitter (with a link) and then leave a comment telling where you mentioned it (FB or Twitter).

Giveaway ends Sunday February 13th, 2011 at 8 p.m. PST.  Three winners chosen at random.

Good luck everyone, be back very soon!


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1,499 Responses to “Wall Stencil GIVEAWAY”

  1. MindLess says:

    I have a hard time deciding between “Damask rose” and “Cats, cats and more cats!” Maybe I should just pick both…

  2. Pearl says:

    Chrysanthemum Grande really catches my eye!!

  3. Pearl says:

    I shared on FB the cool designs. http://www.facebook.com/pearl.j.chow

  4. Lorie says:

    Casablanca Allover Stencil would be perfect for my master bed room accent wall

  5. katie says:

    I’m so in love with the hourglass and the gabi’s brocade… and the hourglass. Ok dont’ have a favorite.. love so many!

  6. Carey says:

    I really like the Rabat Allover stencil.

  7. Nina says:

    I love the Casablanca Stencil!

  8. I love the Casablanca allover stencil!

  9. Elizabeth Snyder says:

    I’m really digging “Casablanca” but its a tough call!

  10. Sara S says:

    I love the Casablanca Allover Stencil. So cool!

  11. Caroline says:

    Ahh, so many stencils, so little walls! The Damask Rose speaks to me :0)

  12. Marissa G says:

    I love love love the Damask Gabrielle! Would absolutely love to win this one :)

  13. Amanda says:

    So many to choose from, but I would probably have to pick the Moroccan Dream stencil. I love it!!

  14. Debra says:

    Zinnia Grande is just gorgeous! *

    *I’ll be back with proof of Tweet!

  15. Debra says:


    My ‘Tweet’. I’m dslak.

  16. Katrina says:

    I think the damask rose would look great in our hobby room nook (aka closet without doors!) I’ve been looking for something to make it extra special!

  17. lesley says:

    oh wow, some great designs to chose from…
    my faves are either chrysanthemum grande or going to seed

  18. Laura Vuong says:

    Yes please! I love the Casblanca and the Rabat! Really chic and pretty.

  19. Wendy says:

    Just one? How do I pick just one? Love the Dahlia Grande, AND Brocade No. 1, AND Budding Clematis 3 pc, AND Glorious Morning Wall Pattern AND Damask Nadya SM Scale AND… Oh goodness, the decisions!

  20. Lindsay K says:

    I have been looking for a stencil to put inside the judges paneling in my dining room for a month now. I LOVE the Rabat stencil by Cutting Edge! Awesome giveaway. *fingers crossed*

  21. Leslie M says:

    Moroccan Dream all the way!!! please pick me!

  22. Amanda says:

    “Birds on a Branch” in a nursery for my baby-to-be would make me giggle with glee! Love love love is in the air!

  23. Estee says:

    I love the Allium Gladiator Flower Stencil.

  24. Jacquie says:

    Loving it – I think the Diamond Damask is my favorite.

  25. Amber says:

    Rabat Allover SM scale

  26. Rebecca says:

    The Hourglass Allover Stencil would be perfect for a bookshelf re-do I have in mind.

  27. Casablanca Allover Stencil! I have the perfect wall in mind for this stencil!


  28. Sadi says:

    Love the Casablanca all over stencil. I know exactly what wall to put it on!

  29. emily says:

    The Casablanca Allover Stencil is to die for!!

  30. Kc says:

    Mermaid all over stencil! I love the art deco feel to it, and want to stencil the inside back or my bookcases at work with this. Wouldn’t that be surprising?

  31. Designer Stencil “Vine” by Diane Paparo Studio is adorable! I am a new follower…and might have to try this method of decorating! I LOVE it!

  32. Cecily T says:

    So…probably almost all of them?? Anyway, if I had $50 to spend there, I’d get the butterflies and dragonflies for my daughter’s room, the zinnias, and the silence wall pattern. Okay, that’s more than $50, but they gave me so many ideas!

  33. Carolyn says:

    I really like the tropical plant stencil!

  34. Laurel G says:

    love the Rabat Allover LG scale stencil!

  35. Barbara says:

    I really like Casablanca Allover stencil!!!

  36. Angie says:

    I love both the trellis and casablanca stencils. Beautiful images and great ideas!

  37. Lacey says:

    My favorite stencil is the Rabat Allover LG scale.

  38. Lacey says:

    I mentioned this giveaway on Twitter, with a link.

  39. Lana says:

    I love all the stencils!!! Huge fan of the damask and the wildflower border.

  40. Lana says:

    I shared this on Facebook with a link!

  41. Melissa Snow says:

    Ohhh I can’t decide I love the damask wall stencil, but I also love the tree with birds! Which one Which one!

  42. Kelli H. says:

    I would get a stencil to make my own curtains!!!

  43. colleen says:

    I am in love with so many…if I had to pick at this moment, it would be the Zagora Allover Stencil.

  44. colleen says:

    I posted on FB with a link!

  45. Ann C says:

    Entwined is my favorite

  46. Tiffany R says:

    Really loving the Lilly Scroll stencil. Will look really nice on my bedroom ceiling.

  47. Jen G says:

    I have had my eye on the Moroccan Stencil for quite awhile & if I could win one my husband would be VERY happy with me!

  48. shawna says:

    zagora allover stencil. need it for my kitchen!

  49. Jenna P says:

    I love the birds of paradise two toned stencil!

  50. Suki says:

    Caladium Stencil. And Dahlia Grande Stencil. And Lotus Grande Stencil. And Large Tree & Birds Stencils. Oh… just one?

  51. Amy T says:

    I really liked the Birds and branch on the wall. There are so many beautiful stencils to choose from. Thank you for the great giveaway!

  52. My new favorite stencil is “Going to Seed.” So fresh and new!

  53. amanda.west says:

    I love the Houndstooth Large Scale All-over stencil! :)

  54. Cynthia says:

    Wow they are all so beautiful. But I thin my favorite would be the Casablanca stencil!!

  55. I love the ‘moroccan dream’ stencil. Gorgeous!

  56. Sam M. says:

    I love Tali’s brocade and Acanthus! Great giveaway!

  57. Marsha says:

    I really like the zagora allover stencil.

  58. Marsha says:

    I linked on my facebook page.

  59. Karla says:

    I would LOVE the large tree & birds stencil for my girls’ play room!!

  60. Laura says:

    There are so many amazing designs, but I have to say I love the trellis stencil!

  61. Suzann says:

    I love the Zagora Allover Stencil. So pretty!!!

  62. Teresa says:

    Love the Zinnia grande flower stencil for my daughter’s room of course.

  63. Catherine says:

    Can’t decide which is my favourite- birch forest or scallop. Both would be stunning in our bedroom.

  64. Joni says:

    So many amazing stencils! If I had to pick one… Damask Stencil Anna.

  65. Joni says:

    I shared with all my facebook friends!

  66. Aileen says:

    Ooh, there are SO many great ones. My fave is the Zagora Allover Stencil–it’s amazing!

  67. Risa says:

    I love the Damask Gabrielle! It would be great in my little girls room!

  68. Kyle says:

    I love the Casablanca Allover Stencil, would look amazing on just about any wall or even used on a canvas!

  69. Michelle says:

    I love so many of them and could use them in so many places!! If I had to pick ONLY one I would narrow the field down to Casablanca, Moroccan Dream and Rabat Allover and then I would let my husband decide from those three!!

  70. Nicki says:

    I love so many of them, but Parsley blooms would be the one I choose for my dining room

  71. Amy says:

    I’ve been looking for a beautiful wall stencil for my hall bath!

  72. Marissa Pinon says:

    I love the Rabat allover LG stencil!!

  73. Darlene says:

    I would love the Entwined Allover Stencil in the feature wall in the family room. Love it!

  74. Gina says:

    Thank you for introducing me to this! My favorite is the Rabot Allover SM scale.

  75. Gina says:

    You are on my Facebook now too. Can’t wait to win!

  76. caroline says:

    Zagora all over would be perfect for our bedroom!

  77. Jaclyn says:

    I shared it on Facebook! in my status!

  78. Monique W says:

    I am so in love with their stuff, but the money hasn’t been there for one yet! Let me see, I love the damask kerry, rachel’s brocade, lilly scroll, citrus leaves… etc!

  79. Monique W says:

    I posted this giveaway on facebook!

  80. Deanna says:

    Zagora Allover Stencil will be perfect on my sofa wall!!

  81. Deanna says:

    I posted the giveaway on Facebook.

  82. Tilly says:

    Oh, crazy difficult to choose a favourite stencil. And even harder when I think I have, then see someone doing something absolutely gorgeous with one of the others! But, hmm, on my own walls, I think I’d like to try the Acanthus all-over in just a bit of gloss…

  83. Colleen says:

    I love the Rabat Allover LG scale.

  84. Colleen says:

    Posted on FB.

  85. Krystle M. says:

    I (@K_I_SoFly) tweeted about the giveaway!!!!

  86. Stacy says:

    The Birch Forest Allover Stencil is to die for! Love it and love your site.

  87. Krystle M. says:

    I simply adore the Casablanca Allover Stencil.

  88. Ann says:

    Rabat Allover is very cool and clean. Would look amazing in my office…or bedroom….or fireplace wall.

  89. Jackie H says:

    The Sakura and Birds Wall Stencil would look beautiful in our master bedroom next to our wedding photo frame. :)

  90. Emily says:

    wow… that was a hard pick! I love the damask ones… but I think Zagora would look stunning on my weird angled stair wall (that the front door opens to).
    Thanks, Kate!!!


  91. Lara says:

    I love the Iron Gate stencil. Getting ready to redo my master bedroom with lots of diy ideas and on the cheap. The stencil would be a great addition! So fun!

  92. nikol says:

    I love the Zagora Allover Stencil. So pretty!!!

  93. Angie says:

    Perfect timing – if I don’t win I will be buying the Rabat Allover LG scale stencil later this week. :) I’ve never used stencils before, but I’m dying to try. I am going to stencil a closet I am transforming into a desk area

  94. Amy says:

    Rabat Allover LG scale for my bedroom wall!

  95. Erin says:

    I am IN LOVE with the Paisley Allover Stencil. I wonder if my arms would go numb doing these stencils on the ceilings of EVERY room in my house??!?!!

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