It’s A Madhouse

February 23, 2011

The last 48 hours just about did me in.  But I keep coming back to that famous saying, “That which does not kill you sends you to the madhouse.” 

You see, I got this phone call many weeks ago. I was just returning home from Tahoe, and heard a voice on my answering machine, saying something about a magazine and “. . . your home is lovely and we’d like to talk to you about a photo shoot . . .”  I listened and listened and thought, oh geez, one of my friends is crank calling me, ha ha ha ha. 

christmas ideas mag 2Then I listened some more and this lovely voice sounded completely legit.  So I picked up the phone, and guess what?  It was Better Homes & Gardens.  Wow.

So for the last two months, all my Christmas stuff has still been up in my house. 

I’m convinced that my neighbors must think I’m absolutely cuckoo.  I can hear them now.  “What’s wrong with that family?  It’s February, for goodness sake, take your Christmas tree down!” 

So I’ve suffered the shame of the neighborhood for a photo shoot in BH&G’s ‘Christmas Ideas’ magazine, taking place in my house on Thursday!  “Excited” does not begin to describe.


I had a huge dilemma a few weeks ago.  When one resides in California, where does one find fresh real cedar garland in February?

fresh cedar


One does a lot of research.  One makes friends with an online resource. 

Thank you Lynch Creek Farm for coming to my rescue!

lynch creek farm


However one cannot decorate their home until fresh greenery arrives late Monday, which only allow for Tuesday and Wednesday to basically recreate Christmas in your home for a magazine.  Aaaaaaahhhhhhhh.

The last 48 hours put me in extreme survival mode, as evidenced by the collection of coffee cups in my car console. 

coffee cups


There have been mad dashes for spray paint and wired ribbon.  Searches high and low for felt and truffles.  I’ve been precariously balanced on top of ladders and barstools, hanging greenery like a mad woman. 

It’s a bit chaotic, can you tell?

balance on high boy

This is not staged.  This is my life. 

Then mommy brain kicked in.  It’s been two whole months, how the heck did I decorate again?  I could use some guidance here.  Hey, that’s right I have a blog, refer to online pictures. 

apothecary jar

This photo reminds me of something… what is it?

Oh yes. 

“The claw . . . The claw decides who will stay and who will go!”

.I’m s .I’m sorry, I’m just a bit punchy right now.

Yet there are miles to go before I sleep tonight. 

presents to wrap


As of now, I’m going underground.  I am unreachable for the next 36 hours.  And if you really love me, since I’m supposed to be ‘dressed in party attire’ in the kitchen shot, you’ll tweet me at 12 p.m Pacific time Thursday with this:  “Don’t forget to wear your Spanx!”  

Thanks, you’re a true friend. 



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