Inspired by the Blossoms

February 22, 2011

One of the things I love about seasons are those moments when they reveal themselves.  Like when the leaves turn in fall, or when that first snow falls in winter.  Sure, winter is magical during the holidays, and even through January.  Then comes that longing for warmer weather, so we wait and wait for the deciduous trees to come back to life and show us a sign that spring is near. 

Well looky loo, look at you, so nice to see you again.  

blossoms with house


Spring is still technically several weeks away, but the first way it reveals itself around here is when the cherry and plum trees blossom.  You’re driving around, still wearing your winter clothes, bemoaning the dreariness, thinking you just can’t take it anymore.  Then all of a sudden, there’s a sea of pink blossoms around town in late February and it’s spectacular. 

I’m not the only one to stop and smell them, I spy my neighbors pausing to appreciate them too.  I’m sure you must stop and smell them too when they bloom in your state. 

blossom branches


Cherry and plum tree blossoms are one of my most favorite shows in nature, but unfortunately there’s a big storm headed our way, which means we will lose most of the blooms.  No fair spring, you’re such a tease.

I was inspired by the brief show this year, so I thought to preserve it by painting a simple sprig on a candle for my bathroom with some ceramic paints.

blossom candle


I had this set of Folk Art paints in my stash, leftover from my monogrammed plate experiment, so I decided to get crafty with an inexpensive candle.  You can use any kind of glass container, I chose a skinny prayer candle.   

paint for glass


I freehanded the branch and the blossoms ~ two layers of paint works best. 

pink blossom


I discovered the best tool for correcting the design is waiting ten minutes for your first layer to dry somewhat, then using a small flat head screwdriver to scrape any unwanted paint. 

flat head screwdriver etching

Ceramic paints cure fully in a few weeks (or after baking in the oven, but ya can’t be doin’ that with a candle!)


Just a little detail added inside the blooms . . .



. . . and that’s my sweet but simple blossom candle.

blossom candle


A whimsical expression that will last a bit longer than these . . .

blossoms in vase


Spring spring spring! 

It’s almost here, can you feel it? 



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