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January 21, 2011

I just got back from the Big Apple very  late last night.  I’ve never been to New York City in January, and it was cold baby cold!  But not unbearable, in fact it was rather brisk.  Do people still use that word?  Brisk?  Anyway, I do a ton of walking when in NYC, and this trip was no exception.  I was staying on the upper west side.  In past trips, I haven’t had a chance to really explore it all that much, so this was the perfect opportunity!  The Upper West Side felt very "You’ve Got Mail” (minus the gorgeous weather in the film) and understandably so, since most of the movie was shot there.   

I was scheduled for the afternoon taping with Nate, so I spent the earlier hours walking around the upper west side.  Loved it!  Here’s a few scenes from my long morning walk, forgive the cloudiness of some of these photos, the lens kept getting foggy from the morning drizzle!

central park taxi



dakota building


kids park


italian restaurant new york


Gorgeous brownstones! Imagine this street in spring . . .



theodore roosevelt park


ny church


ny museum natural history


Central Park is always beautiful, even in winter.

ny lampost

ny central park rocks


seat in central park

The one place I wanted to visit was the NY Historical Society Museum, but it was closed for renovation.  Boo.

ny historical society


So instead, I made friends with these critters in the park.  They only loved me for my crackers.

ny squirrel


me n lenny
“Um, no Sir, I mean I’m sorry Sir Mr. Bird.  It’s all gone.”

were outta here birds

Sorry.  I just imagine these conversations when I travel alone.  Smile 

I love the streets of New York, the energy, the pulse, the architecture. 

ny architecture


ny architecture 2

You never know what you’ll see on any given day, like these three guys moving a sofa down the street . . .

sofa movers


So many moms (and nannies) walking dogs and children.



mom and dogs


This was the closest I got to these two landmarks on this short trip. 

Salt & pepper shakers.

ny skyscrapers salt and pepper


I stayed at The Lucerne, chosen by The Nate Show, I had a giant king bed and a great view, it was very very nice!

the lucerne


I also ate at the hotel’s French restaurant, NIce Matin, for dinner the night before, it was packed with people for good reason, fantastic food!  I popped in to take a picture the next morning for the wallpaper all over this swanky restaurant.  Is it just me, or does this wall kind of remind you of a petri dish? 

nice matin


The show sent drivers to pick up this suburban tourist from the airport, and also drive me to the show.  Wow, that’s a first for me, nice perk!

ny drivers
The Nate Show gave me my own dressing room, or ‘green’ room.  The entire staff takes great care of you, from making sure you’re informed about every detail, to getting you to hair and makeup!!! 

hair and makeup

For the show, I was the 4th of 6 segments.  Having visited the studio before, I was familiar with the set, so that took the edge off.  Whew!  My segment was certainly the shortest ~ the show opened with a big celebrity guest, an awesome table stylist, me, then Michelle Adams.

You know Michelle Adams, EIC of Lonny Magazine?  She’s only one of the nicest and classiest gals to walk this planet.  See her looking so fabulous?  And me with my fugly travel clothes and flyaway ‘just walked the drizzled streets of NY’ hair?  Yeah. 

michelle adams and me

So I made a “brilliant” wardrobe choice.  A short black skirt.  So they start playing my corny House Proud video (corny because of me, not the editors, they are totally fab), and I have to walk a mile across the stage in 60 seconds and get situated with Nate. 

Then I see them.  Barstools.  HIGH barstools.  And me wearing very short skirt. 


The clock is ticking.  15…14…13… seconds until that red light comes on.

Me staring at high barstools: “Um, I’m wearing a short skirt.”

Camera Crew:  “You’ll be fine.  We will letcha know if you can see anything.  We’ll just crop your skirt out”.

Me:  “Um . . OK”.   Panicking inside that the world will see my, ahem, undergarments. 

Camera Crew:  “You’re cool”

Me: “Um . .” nervous glance at short skirt


Angel of Mercy a.k.a. Director:  “Would you be more comfortable if you were standing?”

Me:  “YES !!!”


Loud guy shouts:  "BARSTOOLS OFFSTAGE!!"

So then I stepped off the barstool and tripped on the slate at the bottom of the fireplace on the set.  Caught myself, sorta straightened my top.  


Red light!  Smile and talk girl.  So I did.

There are three words I remember using:   "remodeling," "coax" and "strip".  I pray to God that last word I used was when I was talking about my staircase.  I’m not really sure.  It was all a blur.  So then another 60 seconds go by, we wrap it up, and then I told Nate he was an inspiration, hugged him and left the stage.  The End.  Sorta.  I actually had a very brief chat with him after. 

Ten Things You Should Know About Nate Berkus.   He is 1. Genuine  2. The Ultimate Professional  3. Down to Earth  4. Witty  5. Tireless  6. Incredibly Kind  7. Welcoming 8. Crazy Talented  9. Runs a Tight Ship and 10. Extremely Good Looking (of course this last one we all know). 

And he has an amazing staff.  If you ever get a call from these two fabulous people Lori or Curran (Rachel too!) from The Nate Show, run don’t walk, do not pass go, do not collect $200.  Call them back immediately, because they are the absolute best at what they do, and couldn’t be any kinder or more attentive.  Big big props to the staff at The Nate Berkus Show.  

kate lori curran

I just heard my brief ‘House Proud’ segment with Nate will air February 3rd!  Yay!

My drive to the airport included Fifth Avenue, always a favorite place for high style and eye candy!

bergdorf goodman

chanel and lady


I love this city.  Where else can you stare at amazing architecture, feed a squirrel, eat anything you want, watch locals moving furniture down Broadway, catch a yellow cab, and appear on TV all within in a few city blocks and within a few short hours? 

only in ny title

But it’s good to be home.


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