Home Goals for 2011

January 8, 2011

Hi, it’s me!  Late to the soiree again (Nester’s Home Goals party), but for good reason!  I spent all yesterday behind one of these:


kitchen 2


I’m still an amateur in front of a camera, but so grateful for the patient and encouraging crew.  It was nerve-wracking, thrilling, and educational all at the same time.  But more than anything, exhausting.  I have new respect for anyone involved with video production ~ oh the patience, time, and attention to detail from color balance to lights and sound.  You’ll see all four features unveiled in the spring, I’ll let you know when they’re live!

OK, time for the Home Goals for 2011.  I’m holding my own feet to the fire and I’ll try my darndest to finish up all of these projects around my house. 

Goal #1:  I’ll start with the most controversial change, the backsplash just behind my range.  Not the white tile surround, just behind the range. 

kates kitchen

The Mister wants to keep it, but I’m so over the ‘fruit plate’ look, so much so I painted the surrounding yellow tile white because I couldn’t stand it anymore.  I found some coordinating white harlequin shaped tile I want to insert in its place with some pewter accents too, so I’m turning on the charm to coax the hubby into saying goodbye, and cracking open my new Dremel MultiMax to cut that entire section out!  You may think it actually looks good in this photo, but trust me, up close, it looks so painted. 

How do you like the new clock above the mantel?  Picked it up at K to the Mart peeps.  Love it! 

swirl snip

Goal #2:  Create a homework, art, and storage center on this blank wall for my kids. 

patch blank wall


I finally got around to painting over the old paint color this morning where this cabinet used to sit.  You know, six months after I painted the rest of this space

swirl snip

Goal #3:  Replace the existing entry chandelier with something larger in scale, and for goodness sakes CG, time to clean your outdoor sconces and paint over the brass too.

entry chandy and sconce


swirl snip

Goal #4:  Invest in a smaller sofa or loveseat that will fit better along the wall and in this sitting area in my living room.  I also want to create some large scale abstract art and find a great area rug!

liv room upgrades

swirl snip

Goal #5:  I neeeeeeed to finish my little boy’s bedroom.  It’s about time I hem and line those curtains and also add board and batten wainscoting to this sweet little space!

boys room curtains

swirl snip

Goal #6:  Remodel the hallway bathroom.  You can’t quite tell but the countertops are ten year old cultured marble and I see a completely different color on these cabinets. Plus I’m scheming to elevate the existing vanity on small legs to make it more modern, think I can pull if off?   Can’t wait to get started! 

hall bathroom

swirl snip

Goal #7:  Finish this circular patio in the center of our backyard.  Torn what to do here, stamped concrete, travertine, or mosaic tile?   Nothing boring or slippery.  The surround is a tan colored concrete that obviously needs power washed.  Got any ideas for a design?

circular patio

swirl snip

Goal #8:  Refinish our courtyard patio.  Right now, it’s a medley of exposed aggregate and smooth concrete.  Why?  Long story short it’s because we had to add the concrete steps when we added on to our house five years ago.  To tile or resurface this baby, it’s extremely costly.  Plus we’re looking into other options beyond ordinary tile.  Supplies and labor alone are crazy expensive, and not sure I want to tackle 300 square feet of outdoor resurfacing on my own.  Someday, right?  A girl can dream!!



I also plan to paint and wallpaper the inside of my closet, but if I showed you that, you’d realize just how bad I am at keeping all my clothes organized.  Help!

So that’s the big list, we will see how far I get!!  What’s your #1 goal for home improvement this year?


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