Thrifting at Christmas

December 17, 2010

I had big plans yesterday, big plans to get a lot done.  I kinda sort of got a few things done.  Presents from Santa for the kids?  Thank you Toys ‘R Us.  Party ware?  Check.  Outdoor canopy rented for overflow because there’s a storm a comin’ and I just counted 80 on the RSVP list and need extra square footage pronto?  Check.  And gulp. 

Amidst the party preparations, I made a huge mistake.  No wait, not a mistake, a strategic detour.  Between retail stores, I conveniently found myself in the parking lot of the local thrift store.  It’s been over three weeks, how could I resist?

I spotted some fab tufted velvet chairs in shockingly good shape.  I especially love the office chair to the left.  Recovered in peacock blue, it would look so much like Emily’s

tufted chairs

This headboard rocked my world.  Oh how lovely it would be refinished in gray, black or cream.  Perhaps a touch of glaze in the crevices?  Gorgeous. 

headboard 2


So many perfect end tables needing just a little love and affection a.k.a stain or primer and paint.



This classic shape just needs freshened.  Can you see it in a bold color? 

white dresser


There were a plethora of dressers and sideboards today.  Oh the potential!



Whenever I hear the word ‘plethora’, I think of when El Guapo says: “Jefe, would you say I have a plethora of piñatas?”  1000 points if you can name that movie.  

I just had to have this chair. 

chair before


I’m thinking silver leaf on these legs then reupholstering the entire chair in pale velvet, and using tack strips to finish the back.  This chair is the perfect candidate for that fun trick.  You like it? 

I perused all sorts of Christmas stuff too, and as always, it’s a treasure hunt.   You thrifters know, at these stores you have your mix of The Good . . .

good stuff


with The Bad and The Ugly.




I found a few festive things all for a dollar.  This peacock striped ornament and a dozen sweet placecard holders, perfect for that Valentine’s Day Murder Mystery dinner party I’m thinking about. 

Speaking of the deep teal colors on the tree, check out this post where the lovely Taylor created a party outfit from my Christmas tree, plus a few more outfits from other bloggers’ trees.  Now why couldn’t I think of that? 

ornament bells


I couldn’t resist this sleigh that looks so much fresher after a coat of white spray paint.

sleigh before and after

I think I’ll line it with a few cloth napkins, then fill it with Christmas cookies for the party, instead of the ornaments.  Fun, right?

sleigh from side


And now I do believe I’m done.  I truly believe that will be the last ‘thrift store’ post of 2010.  No wait, that will be the last thrift store post of the second week of December of 2010.  Yep, that’s a promise I can keep.


Hey, if you’re shopping for gifts today, don’t forget so many retailers are offering Free Shipping (two of my favorite words) so check out Free Shipping Day to see all the retailers participating. 

Happy shopping and holiday weekend friends! 

Ho Ho Ho!




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