Dreaming of a White Christmas Tree (or Two)

December 9, 2010

When I was little, I remember my grandparents always had a flocked Christmas tree.  As a girl, I always loved sitting under my Memah and Papa’s white tree, it was so enchanting, like something out of a storybook.  The tree had a crispy texture and funny smell, but I still loved it.  Every single time I see a flocked tree in reminds me of my grandparents.  (And that mothball scene when Lucy hides in the wardrobe before she discovers Narnia, strange but true.)   

Growing up, my parents always kept it green and natural, so after I got married, I followed their lead.  Never ever have I even considered a white Christmas tree in my house.   At the lot the other day, while walking passed the flocked trees, I told my hub about my affection for my grandparent’s tree.  Funny, we’ve spent fifteen Christmases together and he never knew! 

 cg white tree left side


So this year, we decided we wanted a flocked tree too, as a throwback to their generation.  The decorations are a fun but unexpected mix of gold berries, mini disco balls, teal plastic garland, crystals, brown ribbons and mercury glass, and of course, new and old treasures. 

 cg flocked tree fur skirt gold cross



There is no ‘tree smell’ but I have greenery other places, and since we don’t get any snow around here, faking it has its appeal.  I so love how the white backdrop shows off the ornaments on display !

frame ornaments




blue gold ornaments


I spy with my little eye last year’s DIY fur trimmed tree skirt.  LOVE it.  That skirt is stuffed like a Santa suit to give it extra fluff.  Just a few summer throw pillows and some leftover bubble wrap, fo reals.

 cg white flocked christmas tree


This flocking idea is new to me, and as I understand, it acts as a tree preservative.  I’m the kind of gal who keeps preservatives at arm’s length, but when I heard a properly stored flocked tree could be reused for at least another year, maybe two, I thought, well that’s pretty darn economical.  There is one more drawback: disposal.  Flocked trees can be reused, not recycled.  In my excitement, I forgot about that, so we’ll have to figure out proper disposal when the time comes. 

Meanwhile, I’ll thoroughly enjoy its beauty throughout the season!

noel on table


The kids got an extra treat too this year in the form of their own little tree in their play space.  Last year, I hit up the Goodwill the first week of January.  Tell me you do this too.  Tell me you visit the Goodwill in January for holiday decorations

OK, truth be told, I usually drop off all the stuff I don’t want in the back, then go right around the front to see if there’s anything new I really want.  Tragic but true.  But talk about a goldmine!  I found this white tree for a few bucks and I specifically recall paying 25¢ for this sweet candy garland!

 white tree red bucket


mickey garland


Santa and his friend keep all their favorite books and films ready to go!

fav books and films


The kiddos decorated their little tree with all of their favorite ornaments. . .

george and train

kid favorites


Speaking of favorites, oh Pepé, how do I love thee? 



Really, how can you honestly pick a Looney Tunes favorite?  Between Bugs, Yosemite Sam, Daffy, Wile E. Coyote, Foghorn Leghorn and Pepé, I struggle, truly I do. 


I’m linking up to Sarah’s Christmas Tree Party and Julia’s Holiday Party, a teensy bit tardy, but better late than never!  Have you visited them?  So many inspiring displays, don’t miss it! 




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  1. I LOVE this tree! My grandmother used to have a flocked tree. I hope they are coming back in style!!

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