Winter Willow Wreath

November 20, 2010

Hiya folks!  I’m in the mood for something more whimsical, less traditional this year for the front door Christmas wreath!

  cg winter wreath blue ornaments


Since we’re not hosting Thanksgiving, the fall magnolia wreath came down (held up all season!) and the wintery white wreath is up!  This one I made with three kinds of branches, faux snow, some springs and small ornaments found at my local craft store.  I’m mixin’ up the real and the fake, that’s how I roll.


cg winter wreath



Here’s the quick play by play.  I started with a $3 dollar grapevine wreath.  To the base, I added some borrowed branches from mother nature that I clipped from a shrub.

  natural branches


I found some fun silver curly willow at the craft store, and clipped it to fit inside the other branches.  Completely loving those curls.


curly willow


Next came a bit of flocking or faux snow, this stuff is fun, but best to spray outdoors on a tarp.  I’m thinking our tree may get a dose of it for the first time this year.  You can find it at craft stores, I found mine at Michaels for $3 dollars a can.  It goes pretty far too . . I have about 2/3 of a can left, yay!!



Now is a good time to secure all your branches together with floral wire (should have done it before I sprayed the faux snow, not after!!!)

  floral wire


I added a few wintery springs found at the local craft store . . .

  faux springs


Then some glittered pinecones and blue ornaments for a pop of color !


cg branches and pinecones


cg wreath blue pinecone


There’s my whimsical wintery white wreath . . .

cg front door wreath door open


  Total cost = $20 dollars !

  cg winter branch wreath



If you want to know how I hang my wreath, I use a trusty 3M hook ~ you can see it up close if you check out last year’s welcome wreath.


    swirl snip

The Week of Giveaways starts tomorrow afternoon . .

So many goodies up for grabs ~ see ya then !


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