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November 22, 2010

G’day all, happy Monday!  ‘Tis the season of giving and the ‘Week of Giveaways’ continues with an opportunity to make a statement in your home with some of the most stylish wall stencils around, brought to you by Cutting Edge Stencils.

In the mood to add some pattern to your wall without the commitment or expense of wallpaper?  Stencils are your answer!

tree stencils


allover and chandy

lattice patterns

Cutting Edge Stencils has soooo many choices, and something for everyone!  Trellis patterns, birds, stripes, damasks, frescos, murals, and a few stunning ceiling medallions like this one!



They were kind enough to send me their chrysanthemum stencil, and I created a tablecloth topper for my living room with fabric paints.  So pretty for the holidays!

  stenciled tablecloth


Cutting Edge Stencils is giving away THREE $50 gift cards to their shop, which is enough to buy most of their stencils!  Free shipping too!

Eligibility to win one of THREE $50 shop credits to Cutting Edge Stencils:

1) Hop over to Cutting Edge Stencils and pick a favorite.  Leave your choice in a comment!

2) For a second chance to win, either link to this giveaway on Twitter, or link to it on Facebook, then leave a second comment telling where you mentioned it (FB or Twitter).

Three winners chosen by Random.org.  Giveaway ends Friday November 26th at 8 p.m. PST.




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763 Responses to “Wall Stencil GIVEAWAY”

  1. Kristin says:

    I’d choose the Casablanca, but I’m a big fan of the Chandelier as well.

  2. Jocelyn says:

    I would have a hard time choosing between the Aspen All Over stencil and the Japanese Maple Leaves set. I LOVE stencils!

  3. Jocelyn says:

    I linked to the giveaway on my FB page. Now all my friends will know my secrets and how my furniture turns out so great!

  4. Ashley C. says:

    I am in love with the casablanca stencil. It is beautiful.

    Thanks for the chance.

  5. Julee Patterson says:

    I LOVE the Damask All Over Stencil. Beautiful!

  6. Julie says:

    I have been wanting to do a stenciled accent wall in my master bedroom after I saw yours Kate. I really like
    Casablanca or maybe Diamond Damask. Decisions decisions!

  7. Julie says:

    Linked to FB

  8. Viktoriya says:

    I love the Casablanca one!!

  9. Kelly Smith says:

    I love the large fruit tree stencil! I have been thinking of putting a tree on an empty wall, that needs some extra love.

  10. Kelly Smith says:

    linked on twitter @kellycain

  11. Maggie D says:

    These are all so beautiful! Darn my no-paint apartment walls! I’m absolutely in love with that ceiling medallion, and would stencil it to a tablecloth as you did! Stunning!!!

  12. Crystal says:

    I’m pretty much obsessed with the quatrefoil stencil.

  13. Crystal says:

    I tweeted! @oneandonlycp

  14. Crystal says:

    I facebooked!

  15. Michelle says:

    I really like the romance wall pattern kit.

  16. Shabana says:

    I really like the Bon Apetit! Large Stencil. It would look great on a blank wall in my kitchen.

  17. Nora says:

    I love the parsley blooms wall pattern and the Casablanca.

  18. Shanda says:

    I like the Japanese Maple Branch Stencil

  19. Shanda says:

    I shared on FB

  20. Laura says:

    I sat forever looking at all the different stencils, these are a few of my favorites: virginia creeper, bittersweet curl and garden anemone.

  21. Carrie says:

    I have wanted to stencil a wall in my guest room for over a year, and the Casablanca stencil is the absolute perfect pattern for it:


    Fingers crossed!!!

  22. Bailey S. says:

    Maybe if I did the floral filigree in a reeeeaaalllly light color, the landlord wouldn’t notice?

  23. Jessi W. says:

    I can’t decide! I like the aspen all over, but i like the one above with the red wall too..

  24. Lori says:

    i love the allium twins stencil. i have a thing for alliums!

  25. Brenda K says:

    Love the fruit tree stencil!

  26. Aimoku Higa says:

    I love the allium Twins flowers

  27. Aimoku Higa says:

    Its on FB

  28. caroline says:

    i love the trellis designs!

  29. mary mitchell says:

    We are building a new home and the Designer Stencil “Aspen” Allover Stencil would be perfect for my home office.

    Thank you and Happy Thanksgiving,

  30. Lorie Smith says:

    I love the ceiling medallion. :)

  31. Lorie Smith says:

    I shared on Facebook.

  32. kyley says:

    the casablanca stencil would look awesome in my bedroom

  33. Miranda says:

    Sakura and Birds Wall Stencil!

  34. Jaimee says:

    I love the Spring Songbirds wall art stencil. Lovely!

  35. Erin B says:

    I’m dying to use the trellis stencil in my powder room! I think it’ll give it just that something extra that I’m looking for.

  36. ButterYum says:

    I love Sku: PA001 – the Hermitage Acanthus Coffer Panel stencil. Stunning!


  37. Susan Dunaway says:

    I love the tree stencil with the birds

  38. Aimee says:

    I love the Casablanca stencil. It looks like so many of the patterns I’ve seen people painting on their walls and I would love to try it our somewhere in my home!

  39. katie r says:

    Casablanca Allover Stencil! :) I think it would be very versatile. Thanks for sharing!

  40. Delta says:

    The Allium Twins Flower Stencils are awesome! I need these for my bathroom!

  41. CJ says:

    Cherry Blossoms, Houndstooth Large Scale, Butterfly and Dragonfly Kit… obviously, I am having trouble deciding

  42. Jena says:

    Sakura bloom is my choice!

  43. Andrea says:

    I love Aspen and Vine. I’d have a hard time choosing between the two!

  44. Andrea says:

    Posted the link on Twitter.

  45. Clara says:

    I absolutely love the poppy allover stencil as well as the Casablanca stencil. Love the look of wallpaper but can’t put them up in my rental. This would be the perfect, beautiful solution for my plain white walls.

  46. Ashley S. says:

    I would love to win the Allium Twins flowers stencil! It would be darling in our living room or my daughters room! :)

  47. Genevieve says:

    I love the Casablanca allover pattern!

  48. Jill says:

    The Bon Appetit wall stencil would be perfect for my dining room!

  49. Deb says:

    Its all so awesome I am still trying to figure out my favorite .

  50. Elizabeth says:

    I will choose the Trellis patterns and the ceiling medallions! they all are so great… hope I win!

  51. Kristin says:

    I have the perfect wall that will love GREAT in the Casablanca Allover Stencil!

  52. nancie says:

    LOVE these stencils…i’ve wanted to get some for a while now…
    i think i’d choose the virginia creeper wall art stencil…
    or maybe the zinnia grande flower stencil…
    i could go on and on….it would be a hard choice…but i think i could handle it!!

  53. nancie says:

    i ‘liked’ truly unique wall stencils on facebook!!

  54. sangeetha says:

    I like funky wheel and zinnia

  55. Jennifer says:

    How exciting!

    I think I would pick the Sakura and Birds Wall Stencil. There are too many I like!

  56. Libby says:

    Would love to have the Casablanca allover stencil to use in my dining room. These are lovely!

  57. Kat says:

    I LOVE the tree peony wall art stencil, GORGEOUS! It would certainly help my blah apartment white walls.

  58. Cecily T says:

    I like the funky circle ones, I’d use them in my kids’ playroom that we are doing right now!

  59. Amanda says:

    I love the Virginia Creeper wall art stencil! I’d love to add some details to my bedroom walls!

  60. Charlotte says:

    I love the Aspen allover stencil. So very elegant!!

  61. Karena says:

    The Virginia Creeper is one I woud run up my staircase!. The tree is amazing as well with the birds.


    Art by Karena

  62. Suki says:

    Either the Casablanca Allover Stencil or the Hourglass Allover stencil!

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