Haunted Mantel

October 13, 2010

Halloween has never been the holiday where I care to decorate all over the house ~ I prefer to save my energy for Christmas!  However, my kids are at an age where Halloween is thrilling and chilling, so this year I’m living their excitement too and getting into the fun, at least on the living room mantel.

I decided to spook up the mantel while they were at school and then tell them our house was haunted with a ghost.  They totally bought it.  Meet our latest visitor ~ this mysterious spirit that now dwells among us.

  ghostly mantel


Making a ghost on the mirror is created with inexpensive washable tempera paint available at any craft store.  It will wipe right off with a wet rag when we decide to exorcise our home.  Great for adding haunted friends to either mirrors or windows this time of year.

The black twig trees were created with broom shaped craft twigs found at Michaels.  I took the brooms apart, stabilized them in floral foam in dollar terra cotta pots, then spray painted them black.

twig tree how to

black twig tree


They’re super spooky in black, but if painted white, they’d make great ‘trees’ for your holiday mantel too!  The chains are plastic but look so cool!  Also found on sale at Michaels. 

I borrowed the cobweb candlesticks with cheesecloth idea from Martha.  I loved bringing out the tarnished silver like you’d see in a haunted mansion.  Our tarantula in residence is under glass.

spooky spider and statutes


These two creepy busts I also found at Michaels on clearance for a dollar each.  They remind me of a Dickens character (Jacob Marley perhaps?) or a resident at Disneyland’s Haunted House.  I spray painted them with gray primer then dusted them with a mist of white for that perfect graveyard color.  Great faces!

spooky pair

black branches


There’s a ghost haunting our house!  I hope he’s friendly.

ghostly reflection

Now we just need to give him a name, what should it be?


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