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September 3, 2010

First, just thank you.  Thank you so much for sharing your blog spaces this week ~ I was truly overwhelmed with the response to the blog party, nearly 300 inspirational stories, just amazing!  I’ve visited most of your spaces, met a lot of new friends, and learned so much from the glimpses into your lives.   

What’s the number one thing I learned from visiting all of you?   More than anything, we bloggers crave two things: comfort and convenience!  The kitchen island, dining room table, and family room sofa were the most popular spots where many settle in for time spent online.   In this modern age of portability, so many of us now create our ‘office’ wherever we plop down.  “Have laptop, will travel” was the dominant theme ~ I love that! 

Who are we?  We are bloggers!  And overwhelmingly, most of us prefer the comfort of our couch when we go online. 

name five things Name 5 Things


We also set up sunny spots in our family room, and we like to have pictures of our loved ones around us. 

Shades of Grey


We carve out spaces in our hallways, and in the main corners of our homes where we can be part of the action.  

colorful desks Burns House & Restyled Home


We can also be perfectly frank and keep it very real.  :-)


Perfectly Imperfect Life


Many create stylish personalized spaces centered around a white Parsons desk. 

fabulous k desk Fabulous K


maria colour me happy office

Colour Me Happy


emily clark parsons desk 

Emily A. Clark


house of smiths

House of Smiths


made by girl parsons desk

Made by Girl


 studio ten 25

Studio Ten 25


We love to read each other’s really cool blogs.   *wink*

be colorful desktop

 Be Colorful


We connect on our family room sofas, our kitchen tables, and in our bedrooms. 

lady bloggersMeganAmanda and Beth


We are resourceful !  We carve out nooks in closets, then pretty them up with gorgeous wallpaper.  

bloggers closet offices

Sense and Simplicity;  I Heart Organizing 


We even blog at tables we’ve built ourselves, yo. 

funky junk desk table

Funky Junk Interiors


We have stylish eclectic and collected home offices.

life at 5 feet

 Life at 5 Feet


We blog from our porches too !

 back porch 

 Small Home, Big Start


And when it comes to the end of the day, so so so  many of us blog on our sofas at night while our mates watch TV. 


Eat, Drink & Decorate


Who are we?  We are bloggers! 

We are a powerful community of inventive writers, connecting online in ways previous generations never imagined. 

We are wives, mothers, crafters, sewers, designers, professionals and SAHMs.  We swap stories, we share our homes, we share our wishes and our dreams. 

We share our decorating dilemmas, and we inspire each other with our creativity.  We aren’t afraid of power tools and we harness the power of paint.  We educate and we encourage.

We make each other laugh with our crazy but true tales.  We tear up when we read each other’s heartfelt stories. 

We are a group of creative, unique individuals who lift each other up and celebrate each and everyone’s contribution in this adventure called life. 

We are bloggers.  We truly are an amazing community.




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