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September 23, 2010

Greetings friends, I’m back from a whirlwind three day trip!  It was great to be back in one of my favorite places on earth, I love the energy of NYC, and the weather was absolute perfection!

The first two days were spent mostly at media events, but I confess, the highlighted stops for me were our last day spent touring the unbelievably gorgeous ABC Home, and then lunching at Eataly a few blocks away, both in the Flatiron district.  I’ve seen all the big tourist attractions, so these were a new adventure, and I absolutely loved them!

ABC Home is six levels of unbelievable inspiration, ranging from traditional to urban style furniture, plus bedding, rugs, lighting, and accessories ~ it’s a home decorator’s dream!   I want to thank Lana for giving me the scoop on this place, because I left truly inspired. 

 abc home


So many colorful accent pillows . . .

pillows 1

pink pillows


Unique light fixtures . . .

white chandy

 shell chandy 

Beautiful accessories everywhere you turn. 

pottery 2

  napkin rings

I love to browse high end stores stores to study really good design, but then I’m always scheming how to get the look for much less.  Like these Fritz Hansen chairs, priced at $680 each. 

fritz hansen chairs

I found some very similar green versions at Tarjay for $80 for a pair. 

My favorite floor, of course, is Level Five with all the European inspired furniture.  Once the elevator doors opened, it was heaven!  Tons of antique reproduction furniture just waiting to be upholstered in your choice of fabric, all staged around these incredibly huge pillars, all with layers of patina.  Gorgeousness around every turn. 

elevator door 

tufted bed

mirror table

frame 1

settee 1

frame 3

chippy chair

I could have danced all night . . . I could have stayed all day! 

If you’re nowhere near New York, you can get your hands on some ABC goodies by browsing their online store

Another quick stop was Eataly, which has been open less than a month, but judging by the crowds, it’s already a NY favorite.  It’s an Italian marketplace that spreads out over 50,000 square feet.  It’s filled with several restaurants and the finest Italian imports.  It reminded me a bit of the waterfront marketplace at the Ferry Building in San Francisco with its fresh California selections, but Eataly is filled with European delights including  fresh produce, meats, seafood, pasta, gelato, and much more. 



From the moment you enter, you’re struck with all the beautiful produce, some you’ll only find in a gourmet marketplace like this one.

eataly produce

I love to gaze at specialty foods almost as much as home accessories.  It’s just the foodie in me.  These kinds of displays make my heart (or should I say taste buds) go pitter patter.   

Meats . . .

meats 2

Cheeses . .

cheeses 2


Fresh pastas . . .


Eataly is foodie heaven.  You must visit !

By far, the best perk of rearranging my busy schedule to travel to NYC was hanging out with some really amazing ladies who I adore.  I want to give a shout out to Cristin (my awesome roomie), Rhoda, Emily and her friend Katie, Sarah, Beth, Janell, Lakeitha, Jade, and Lana (fellow True Value DIY Squad member) who also met up with us in Manhattan. 

Lastly, let me say I’ve read most of the posts other bloggers have written on The Nate Show experience.   Despite the trash talk uttered by some, I have to disagree with their negative spin.  My experience was mostly positive, and I enjoyed myself very much.  I’ve never sat in a TV show audience, so that alone was so fascinating to me. 


nate show


I found Nate to be warm, engaging, and delightful!  I know many design bloggers have vented that they weren’t given enough recognition for their travels, and while there could have been more acknowledgment, I really don’t blame Nate.  He’s just starting out carrying an entire show, and he’s doing the best he can.  If anything, his production staff needs to work out some kinks and pay more attention to social media.  Overall, he acted very professional throughout the taping of the show, and during the Q&A afterward.

I think Nate’s a doll, and I wish him nothing but success.  His design talent cannot be denied, he is brilliant when it comes to pulling together an amazing space.  It’s a shame others aren’t more encouraging in their reviews.  I’m just a big believer in lifting each other up, not tearing each other down.  I’m so excited for Janell too, she’s actually going to be on the show, did you hear?   She’s a reminder to always be gracious in this business, because only good things can come to you when you act in a professional manner.      

Overall, it was a fantastic trip except for our airplane mishap.  Our plane sat on the runway before takeoff for over three hours because the President landed at JFK, plus there were other delays.  I was tweeting while clicking my imaginary ruby slippers, thinking over and over “There’s no place like home.”    It’s good to be back!


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