Magnolia Tree Fall Wreath

September 2, 2010

Fall is one of those seasons that just happens for everyone at a certain moment.  For me, last year, it was just something in the air.  This year, it happened to be the turning of the calendar to my favorite month of September. 

I was playing in the park with my girl a few weeks ago, and noticed the beauty of the fallen leaves from a nearby magnolia tree.   It was instant inspiration!  Up close, I loved the shape and caramel color of the leaves so I thought they would make a perfect wreath for our front door.  

golden magnolia leaves


This year, my requirements for a fall wreath were this: cheap and easy !   Here’s this year’s front door wreath, and the best part is that it cost me less than $5 dollars. 

 cg front porch fall wreath

The outdoor rug I found last year at Pier One.


cg front door magnolia wreath


Some of the magnolia leaves have a bit of shimmer . . . I couldn’t resist enhancing many of them with a little metallic craft paint.  


color medley  

I simply painted some of the leaves with various craft paints from my stash.

metallic paint on leaf


Then I wiped off half the paint with a paper towel to highlight the leaf’s natural beauty.

wipe off with paper towel


A little hot glue on an 18 inch craft ring from Michaels . . .

hot glue leaves


90 minutes later: a shimmery caramel colored front door wreath, tied up with braided jute twine and secured to the door with a 3M adhesive hook.  


cg front door magnolia wreath


Easy, inexpensive, and oh-so-autumn! 

cg girl and wreath


Magnolia leaves hold their shape for several months, so this year’s version should (fingers crossed) last through the season.  

Are you finally ready for autumn too ?   What are your plans to bring fall into your home this year?  Do share !





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112 Responses to “Magnolia Tree Fall Wreath”

  1. Red Head says:

    I love magnolia leaves, and think your craft paint looks absolutely beautiful. Great job!

  2. Roeshel says:

    It’s beautiful! We do have a magnolia tree so this is on my DIY list. Thank you for the inspiration! I’m going to include your wreath in my highlights this week. :) Have a great weekend!

  3. Lee Anne says:

    I love this! Love the front rug/mat as well. Do you mind if I ask where you ffound that beauty?

  4. I love those magnolia leaves. Thank you for this great “free” idea. I’m posting about adding magnolia leaves to a wreath I already had. I hope you don’t mind if I link up to this post since you “helped” plant the idea in my head.

    Hope you are having a blast in NYC!


  5. I love your wreath! Never thought of painting leaves! How clever of you!

    I restyled my tired old fall wreath in 10 minutes. Would you take a look and tell me what you think? You can leave a comment on my post!
    Glad to find your blog. I am going to subscribe!



  6. This is just stunning! Love the shimmer. I have been wanting a more natural wreath for our fall door…not too orange halloweenish. I also must tell you I loved your spooky halloween bottle covers…I saw some at a recent craft fair and I thought…Oh, I can soo make these now thanks to you!

    And another random thought…I was joking with my husband about blogging and told him I could refer to him as Mr. Domestic Fashionista or even just Mr. Fashionista…needless to say, he did not think it was funny as I did. I said, there is this girl and she calls her husband Mr. Centsational. but apparently Mr. Centsational is a much more fantastic name than Mr. Fashionista. Oh well, should have thought of a different blog name!

    Love your blog!

  7. Karisa says:

    Great idea for fall decor! Your wreath looks awesome (and I love your rug too!). Thanks so much for linking up at our blog hop. I really appreciate that you were able to participate, and I hope to see you back next month :)

  8. Mary says:

    Thanks for the inspiration! I just finished mine and I really love it! Also REALLY love your blog :)

  9. Abbi says:

    Gorgeous! What a beautiful thrifty wreath.

  10. I love this idea. Creative, simple and very elegant.. best of all inexpensive! What a fabulous job.

  11. Mary anne says:

    help ! We picked some Magnolia leaves 3 days ago, and they have curled and dried up…just like old maple leaves ! What can we do to get them to last ?

  12. CentsationalGirl says:

    Hi Mary Anne, not sure what happened to yours, mine stayed flat and lasted for months, not sure of your variety. A tip though, pick the brown leaves that have fallen that are relatively new, the older ones are definitely crispier.

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