Free Fallin

September 10, 2010

cg viburnum on mantelI was determined this month to spend very little time, and absolutely no money, bringing the feel of fall into my home.

Why should I rush to the retail stores when the autumn leaves that were starting to turn on the branches in my own backyard provided all the inspiration and free fall decor I truly needed?

Over the summer, there was a lot of unnecessary *stuff* that had accumulated around our house.  I think this happens to most of us, regardless of our ‘clutter free’ intentions.  

The *stuff* in my home clung to baskets, and hid in dark corners where it thought it could hide. 

The *stuff* was wrong.


Several weeks ago, I purged my home of all things unnecessary in my continuing quest to live simply.   I find that when my home is clutter free, organized, and clean (a rare trifecta, to be frank), the pace around here flows a lot smoother.  Piles of meaningless *stuff* always overwhelms me.   Taking care of the *stuff* takes me away from taking care of my family, and that I cannot stand.  

white pumpkin on mantelAs I scoured my home during the purge, I marveled at how much *stuff* seemed to find its way indoors.  In a merciless two day cleansing sweep, I brought all that was meaningless to the garage, keeping only what was beautiful, sentimental, or useful.

After a successful yard sale a few weekends ago, I’ll admit, I’ve been enjoying the bliss of a decluttered home.  A home filled only with the things that I love, or that I’ve collected over time.  The things that are nostalgic ~ the things that I’ve treasured for years.

That includes holiday decorations from years past.  I was determined this autumn season to not focus on spending.  To not run out and buy accessories that I simply didn’t need.  To appreciate, and use, what I already have. 


autumn leaves fall living room


This year’s fall mantel is styled simply with clear vases and viburnum leaves from our backyard.  The same viburnum that gives glorious white snowballs in spring, yet also yields the prettiest early fall colors.

viburnum spring and fall


cg candles and leaves on mantel  


This year’s vignettes come from treasures and accessories from years past.  


fall blossoms in pitcher


‘Tis the season for amber glass objects previously stored away for months to make their appearance yet again.   


fall vignette


This year’s fall kitchen mantel gets enhanced with only a few vibrant branches from a ginko tree.   

  ginko white vase    

My bliss this week comes from free autumn leaves. 

chinease pistache in vase


And the reminder that I don’t need to go shopping to have a home filled with beauty.  I need only to steal a few clippings from nature. 

  emily bronte quote


Please enjoy your lovely autumn weekend. 

swirl snip

And as much as I’d love to spend this weekend taking leisurely walks appreciating the falling leaves, I have a very dirty job to do.  I am pleased to announce that the carpet on my staircase is doomed to destruction.  (Cackling with glee).  My hardwood steps arrive on Monday!  So as you leisurely watch football on Sunday, think of me, cause I’ll be pulling a zillion carpet tacks out of plywood steps. 

Cheers friends.





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