Sunday Reading

July 18, 2010

Greetings friends, there’s a great interview with me over at Style at Home where I answer 20 questions they ask a series of decorators and designers. 

Want to know which designer I’d love to shadow for a day ?   What I’d buy if money were no object ?  My favorite Hepburn ? 

20 questions

Have a look, right here !

Thanks so much Lauren. 



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13 Responses to “Sunday Reading”

  1. m says:

    Too fun!!!!

    m ^..^

  2. Andrea says:

    Great job! Congrats…..I love that magazine!

  3. Cathe Holden says:

    Awesome interview, Kate!!! Forget the wine, YOU put the wine country on the map!

  4. Congrats! how fun!

  5. Exciting! :) Will have to check it out. :)

  6. Lauren@SimplyLKJ says:

    Great questions, and great answers! How fun!

  7. Jane says:

    Hurray! Congratulations! I subscribe to that magazine, can’t wait to get my copy. Great interview Kate!

  8. Dharma says:

    I’m a Katherine Hepburn kinda gal myself….maybe that’s why I am a DIY’er :)
    Great article. Way to go you.

  9. Melaniesd says:

    How cool! Congrats on the feature! You’ve worked so hard. You deserve it : )

  10. Karen says:

    Congrats! You deserve the recognition!

  11. Grace says:

    Congrats on the interview – you are in good company with the previous interviews. Great article.

  12. Barbara says:

    What a fun interview! I enjoyed reading your answers – congrats on being recognized – very much deserved.

  13. Fun to hear your answers. One movie interior that stood out to me was “What Women Want” – when Mel Gibson seemed so nice.

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