Painted Trellis Wall

July 26, 2010

Hiya folks, hope you had a lovely weekend !  Today I’ll show you my step by step for the hand painted trellis pattern on our wall in our bedroom.

I wanted something elegant behind our headboard but also dramatic with a hint of shimmer.  My original idea was to use wallpaper with a subtle metallic pattern, but when I saw Kristen’s wall featured on YHL a few weeks ago, I decided to this was a much easier (and cheaper) way to add the large scale design I wanted without the expense of wallpaper.          

cg lattice painted wall


This 13’ x 9’ feature wall was not difficult, but it did take a lot of patience.  I created my own stencil, sketched the pattern on the wall, and then filled in the lines with acrylic craft paint, all in about six hours.  

Supplies: poster board; utility knife or sharp blade; silver colored pencil; level; painter’s tape; craft paint; artist’s Filbert paintbrush. 

How To:

To create the stencil, I found the pattern to inspire me from the lattice pattern rug in my living room.   I traced half of the basic pattern onto a piece of poster board, then cut it with a utility knife.  I folded the poster board in half (vertically) to trace the other half of the pattern and to make sure the left side and ride side of the pattern were symmetrical, then I cut the other half of the pattern.   

cut posterboard


You can see the fold in the middle of the poster board in the picture below.   I avoided cutting a small portion of the pattern to keep the inside border connected to the outside border.   

I started in the upper right corner of the wall, secured the stencil with painter’s tape, then traced the first link of the pattern.  I worked my way down the wall, using a level each time to keep the stencil straight.    

use level


I used a silver colored pencil to lightly trace the pattern on the wall ~ the metallic pencil blended better with the acrylic paint than a standard lead pencil. 

draw pattern


I also marked the edge of the stencil as I worked my way down to keep it vertically straight.   

mark edges


Tracing the entire pattern took about 2 hours ~ once you get going you’d be surprised how quickly you can trace a repeating pattern like this.   

I chose to use acrylic craft paint in ‘Metallic Taupe’ (available at Michaels) because it was a pretty champagne color, and cheaper than gloss paint!  Although you could use the gloss version of your base paint for a subtle effect, or a pearlescent paint like this one.  One bottle of $2 dollar craft paint covered the entire wall  ~ my other tool was a high quality Filbert paintbrush. 

metallic taupe craft paint


Once the pattern was traced on the wall, I simply filled in the lines with paint.  If you have an ‘oops’ moment ~ and I had plenty ~ just keep a damp rag close by to correct your little imperfections . . .  

paint in lines


Total time to paint the entire pattern with two coats of the craft paint was about 3.5 to 4 hours. 


wall before



cg trellis wall 2

  cg headboard


Need more pattern inspiration ?

Here’s just a few more repeating graphics that could be reproduced with a little paint and a lot of patience!!

graham and brown darcy wallpaper

jilian wallpaper thibaut


massucco warner miller bedroom


ballard trellis wallpaper  

york lattice wallpaper

Images: Graham & Brown; Thibaut; Massucco Warner Miller; Ballard Designs; York Wallcoverings


What’s the next project you’re planning with paint ?  



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