Sudsy Spaces

May 20, 2010

Confession time, I’ve been sprucing up my laundry room this past week.  It struck me on Monday afternoon that I’d been avoiding that space for a good reason – it was outdated and not functioning as well as it could.  Plus I dread laundry. 

So I had a compulsive moment and started painting the cabinets which led to installing shelves which led to making window treatments.  I’ve convinced myself a spruced up washroom will fundamentally alter my aversion to laundry, and reverse my embarrassing habit of letting the clean piles of clothing get so high my children disappear under them.  

It’s almost done, but while I finish it off, how about a few gorgeous washrooms to inspire? 

swirl snip

What’s not to love about this beauty ?  I love the wainscoting and the picture frames on the white cabinetry, plus the oh so functional drying rack for delicates.  How soothing is this color on the walls ? I think I might like doing laundry in here.  But I think the floor needs a soft and playful patterned rug. 

rabaut design laundry room Rabaut Design via House of Turquoise

Oh, don’t you love that pop of apple green on the middle upper cabinet ?  I adore the blues and greens with crisp white cabinetry, and the contrast with the rustic wood folding table.  How incredible that shell fixture ?

my home ideas laundry My Home Ideas

Ooooh and ahh is all I can say to this one.  J’adore this Dash & Albert runner.

laundry room via houzz Canadian House and Home

This bright citrusy space feels so cheerful to me.  I can’t help but notice how the laundry soap matches the wall color !   

laundry room apartment therapy  Apartment Therapy


I love the fun colorful fabric used to disguise the basin sink and the glass jars on the stainless open shelving.  Don’t miss the rug – I love that graphic !

laundry room house and home ithink. Canadian House and Home


Simple and clean.  My favorite thing about this one is the glass pendant fixture. 

southern living idea house laundry Southern Living


Wake up with bold color in this vivid yet super functional laundry wall. 

container store laundry room The Container Store


Big style statement here !  I love the wallpaper in this bright multitasking room.  Wash, dry, press, and catch up on your daytime TV !

wallpapered laundry room Simple Effects


Love love love the wall color, stylish ironing board cover and acrylic stool.  Wow!

blue laundry roomDomino


Fantastic green walls and brick pattern blue tile backsplash.  I love the unconventional trio of sconces too, and that pop of orange on the window.  Fun!

cottage living green walls laundry Cottage Living via My Home Ideas


Oooh, more pretty wallpaper in another multitasking space, doing double duty as a laundry and gardening station.    Fantastic folding counter too !

cottage living laundry room Cottage Living via My Home Ideas


Robin’s egg blue paneled walls ?  Swoon. 

laundry room container store The Container Store


Ah, perfection.  Soft seafoam walls, a pretty ironing board cover, and tall glass jars of powdered soap. 

house beautiful laundry


Now I’m off to finish what I started – hopefully I’ll have something to show you later this weekend.    

swirl snip

Have you spruced up your laundry space lately ?  Got any great tips for stylish organization?  Do share !



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