Going for Gold

May 14, 2010

When it comes to decorating my own home, I’ve always been a traditional gal.  I adore French style, but despite my affection, I wasn’t really into decorating with gold.  I believe my objections can be traced back to all those bright brass fixtures the late 80s and 90s – they made me fearful to ever go golden again.     

But I eventually got over my phobia and I realized that gold is truly timeless !  You can see from my latest attempt at displaying art in our living room that I’ve come all the way around on my anti-gold stance. 

cg art and vase


This experiment began with the new wainscoting, and my desire for a gallery wall having seen so many of them in magazines and around blog land.  Of the few pieces of fine art we’ve collected over the years, all of them had been framed in gold.  It was not my decision, rather it was the original artist’s choice.   But instead of painting the frames, or paying a hefty sum to reframe all the art, I decided just to roll with it. 

So  glad I did !   I love the black mats and frames too, because they coordinate with the piano across the room. 

 cg sideboard 

This adventure all started around dinnertime the other night when I began by taping a rectangle to the wall to form the outline of my display.  My devilish plan included hiding that thermostat behind a canvas (which we only use for heat December through March).  

tape on wall


I raided the kids’ art supplies, then cut out craft paper the size of my own artwork and taped it to the wall.  I began to cause serious wear and tear to my floor with my pacing back and forth with a furrowed brow, trying to decide what would go where.  

The sun began to set.  The natives became restless with hunger.   

yo yo ma


I had to set the project aside for the night, but yesterday, I was finally able to complete the wall. 

cg art wall

Me likey !


Our art ranges from original paintings and drawings collected on our travels, to prints found at antique fairs, to inexpensive DIY art projects.   

For example, I made this silhouette art by framing a $3 dollar vintage embroidered tea towel with an inexpensive frame from Michaels. 

silhouette art


A tiny black frame, some vellum fleur de lis paper, and script chip letters create this sentiment.

you and me diy art


And I took these keys I found at a salvage shop. . .

extra large reproduction keys


. . .  and simply hung them on the wall because I love their shape and size.  

cg art wall from side


The inexpensive black sconce got a coat of white spray paint and some crystals.

white sconce


I keep all the art straight on the wall with this little kit available at the home improvement or framing stores.  

picture hanging kit


But you don’t need to bother spending the $3 dollars on this kit, no sirreee.  A flat thumbtack and some glue dots will accomplish the same thing.  After you hang your art where you want it, use the glue dot to fasten the tack to bottom corner of your frame,  then press into your wall.   The tack acts as a stabilizer so your artwork won’t budge!

Y’all remember that sideboard I picked up from the local thrift last year ?  I’ve debated what to do with it for awhile now.  Should I stain it dark ?  Shellac it black ?   There’s two reasons I hesitate.   One, I do like the existing wood tone but the piece could use some new hardware.   

 cg sideboard 


And two, I secretly covet the Azure sofa from Crate + Barrel for this wall. 

I have for many many many moons.  

  azure sofa 1


Someday, I dream of placing it right here . . . 


wall with sofa

*** Extra Large Sigh *** 

A girl can dream, right ?  

  Hey, the picture is almost as good as having the real thing. 


cg art and vase 

Meanwhile, I’m very happy with just the gallery wall ! 




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