There I Go Again

April 14, 2010

There’s really very little reason for me to stalk the furniture department at the local thrift store since my house is already full of pieces I’ve dragged home and refinished.  But I can’t stay away, much to the chagrin of my poor husband.  He can’t even park in our garage because of the half dozen pieces I have yet to turn my attention to.  I can’t help it !  I have some sort of addiction – a crazy soft spot in my heart for rejected objects.  

Today, I couldn’t drive past the parking lot, I just had to pull in.  Some people window shop high end boutiques.  Me?  I get my kicks exploring the furniture department at the thrift store, and dreaming of what things could become.   

Like this headboard.  I would pop out the four inside frames, they are a little too busy for me.  Then I’d do one of two things.  I’d add pretty appliqués to the four remaining sections and paint it distressed cream with a hint of the dark wood showing through in spots.  Or I’d skip the appliqués and go in a different, bolder direction.  Perhaps paint this baby in a semi gloss indigo shade, then attach nailhead trim to the outer framing and place it in a master bedroom up against a wallpapered accent wall and hang a bold metallic starburst mirror above.  So glam !

king headboard


Or this little cabinet.  Someone emailed me the other day about making a wine cabinet, and this is the perfect little candidate.  I would retrofit the bottom with diagonal shelving to hold wine bottles, then attach chrome hanging glass racks to the top.  I’d repaint its damaged surface in black, replace the hardware with some blingy crystal knobs, then add a mirrored tray to the top.  Ready for entertaining !  Trés chic. 

bar cabinet conversion

future bakers rack

Revamped, this skinny cabinet and hutch belongs in a cottage breakfast nook or dining room. 

Look at the paneling along the back, the dentil molding on the top, and the little drawers for silverware. 

Love ! 

I’d remove the shutter doors to create open shelving, then paint the entire piece white or a complimentary color for wherever it was destined.  Perhaps paint the back a different color than the piece itself. 

Or leave it the deep walnut color, the wood tone is nice too ! 

Some modern knobs and lined drawers, and this is a great showcase for ceramic plates or other pottery, objets d’art, or even silver platters.    


This mid century piece is totally fabulous for a modern space.  I might just change the hardware, but I dig the pencil legs, drawers, and mini cabinet in the middle. 

mid century dresser


This is a gorgeous sturdy dresser that would look great in a bedroom.  You could leave it this walnut color and just replace the somewhat dated pulls.  Or go bold and paint it – the paneling is just wonderful. 

paneled dresser


If I brought this home, my husband would first gag, then laugh, then say “What were you thinking?”  Perhaps you’re doing the same.  :-)  First, can I get a collective ‘Eeeewwwww’ on these cushions?  Amen.  Now breathe.  And imagine this.  Toss those cushions out – the faster, the better.  Then paint the frame soft green, bright turquoise, or even crisp navy blue, and replace the cushions with some Dacron wrapped foam and your choice of one of these stylish outdoor fabrics, and guess what?   This would be completely wonderful on a screened porch or in a sunroom. 



I love the sleek legs on this end table – it’s so perfect for magazine storage on the bottom shelf and a stylish lamp on top.  Paint it silver and have a mirror made for the top – you go girl. 

end table


This sassy pair is so fabulous.  I love the bamboo style detail on the wooden legs.  Again, paint those legs and the tray top a high gloss black or a vivid color, then have a mirror made for the tray top, and flank your tailored sofa with them.  

tray tables duet 

Now these are the kinds of pieces that stop me in my tracks.  Oh my word, I love the shape of this desk.  Well, it’s actually a sewing table but it’s hard to tell unless you lift the top.  You could leave it a sewing table or  it could easily be retrofitted into a desk.   Repair the tiny break in the trim and paint it a fabulous off white or buttery cream, and it’s perfect as an office space or as a vanity in a bedroom.  Spray paint the hardware dark bronze, or be brave and paint those pulls antique gold.  

 sewing table desk


So there I go again, scheming what could be done with these sad little rejects on display at the thrift store.  I happen to think they have so much potential.   Thanks for indulging me yet again.  I’m doomed with my addiction.     :-)



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