Grown Up Girl’s Room

April 7, 2010

There are those years when your kids are growing up that they really want to be in charge of the décor in their room.  And that’s important.  And ya gotta respect that. 

So for years and years, my stepdaughter was in total control of her personal space until something happened when she turned 17 – she was ready for a grown up girl’s room, and I was invited to help !  OMG, are you kidding me ?  I get to collaborate on the new space?  For real ?  Pinch me !   I was honored and delighted to lend a decorative hand. 

So it was out with the tween decor and in with the girly glam.  We finally got around to hanging some pictures and adding a new chandelier last weekend, so we deemed the space officially ‘done’.  Here’s a tour of the new and improved grown up space for my girl !


tween before


cg grown up girls room


cg headboard and bedding

My girl loves turquoise so that color stayed put !  We bought her this chair and desk from Pottery Barn many years ago when she was much smaller.  It’s such a great set so we decided to keep it but give it a more sophisticated look. 


desk before


So I added a mirror above, then recovered the chair seat, and added a ruffled pillow.


cg hutch chair mirror


cg frame tulips curtain

cg shelves and boxes


cg starfish


Here’s the other side of her room ‘Before’:

Note: Surfer Girls Rip

surfer girls rip before


cg bed and gallery

Surfer girls still  rip, just in black and white photography (top left).  That’s her learning to surf at age twelve, we were so proud !  *sniffle sniffle sigh* 

I framed some of our favorite photos of her growing up, and even her puppy when he was little – that’s her most favorite.  :-)

headboard and gallery

And the silver leaf lamp was last week’s finishing touch. 

cg end table and lamp

The botanical print bedding I found at Overstocks many years ago – it worked so well in the room so it stayed – she loves it because it looks ‘Hawaiian’.  Accent pillow from Bed Bath & Beyond.  

cg bedding


In fact the bedding worked so well, that I found some Graham & Brown wallpaper to match it.  What are the odds that after buying that bedding three years ago I’d find  complimentary shimmery wallpaper to match the bedding?   Pinch me again!   So I gave her a framed wallpaper accent behind this white hutch that I refinished in oil based paint for her last year. 

cg wallpaper and chair


This wallpaper makes me swoon – I want some for my room now ! 

I also wallpapered the back of the hutch that holds all her special things. 

cg graham and brown wallpaper

Isn’t it gorgeous ?

I debated whether to hang anything over the bed, and I’m still not sure.   If we find something we might, but we’re liking the simplicity of nothing right now. 

cg chandy and bed

cg turquoise bedroom

So that’s the spin around her all grown up girl’s room.  My girl works so hard at her academics, sports and volunteer commitments, so no one could deserve it more !  We’re just so very proud. 

Next time, I’ll share all the little projects that went into transforming this space, plus sources.  Cheerio, lovelies.  Hope you like it as much as she.  :-) 



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