Ten Reasons I Miss Hawaii

March 19, 2010

Every now and then I get misty.  Misty for the Aloha state.  Actually, it’s every time I pass the mai tai mix at the supermarket.

Years ago when I was A) collecting a real paycheck and B) had no infant car seats and C) hub’s real estate practice was totally booming, we would vacation in Hawaii once a year.  There are Ten Big Reasons Why I Miss Hawaii and am secretly plotting to use my miles to somehow return very soon.

#10  You can wear really loud bright colored shirts and no one, and I mean no one, will dare say ‘Boo’ to you.  In fact, loud floral themed aloha wear is encouraged.  No, let me rephrase.  It’s required.

hawaiian couple

#9 The flora is breathtaking.  And smelly – in a good way.  Have you ever known the heavenly scent of a plumeria lei ?

pink hibiscus

bird of paradise


#8 The sea creatures are right up in your grill face.

Like this octopus . . .

mini octopus

And this shark . . .


OK, sometimes behind glass, like at the Maui Ocean Center.  Thank goodness, because I’m terrified of sharks ever since my two brothers made me watch ‘Jaws’ when I was nine.  That’s a real brother for you – inflicting terror and all the while laughing at the sight of my horror and fear.

#7   Mai Tais and other fantabulous tropical concoctions with little umbrellas.

umbrella drink


#6  The many wonders, like the ‘mini’ Grand Canyon of Waimea (Kauai). . .

waimea canyon

Spouting Horn (Kauai)

spouting horn

the Oheo Gulch (Seven Sacred Pools, Hana Maui) . . .

seven sacred pools

the Napili Coast of Kauai

napili coast

and Big Island lava flow !

#5   Keikis in swimsuits.


#4  Beautiful old historic churches


historic church


#3  The Grand Wailea where I spent my honeymoon.

grand wailea

#2  Waterfalls

waterfall in hawaii

#1 Sunsets at the beach, but of course.

glorious sunset

Have you ever visited the Aloha state ?  True paradise, right ?

Wishing you a fantastic weekend, and a very large mai tai.

Aloha friends  :-)



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