Building a Custom Memo Board

March 12, 2010

I cannot keep track of all of the school calendars, memos, and tiny pieces of paper that bombard me on a daily basis.  I live for memo boards as a place to display all those reminders of things I need to do or people I need to call.  If it’s not staring me in the face, I’ll just forget about it.  Memo boards help to keep me sane organized.

Back in January, I mentioned the need for more organization in my mud room.  Actually it’s not really a mud room, just a wee hallway and closet back by the garage door.  I like to pretend it’s loftier space than it is and call it a ‘mud room’.

The easiest way to make a memo board is to find a bulletin board in the size you want and cover it with fabric.  Well I’m a troublesome creature and after a search, I couldn’t find a frame in the exact size I wanted, so I decided to just build a tall narrow memo board to fit the hall space.

custom memo board



nail heads in memo board



2’ x 4’ thin plywood from Lowes or home improvement store

Fabric and batting to size


Trim molding

Caulk or spackle

‘D’ Ring hooks

Nail heads

Finish nails




Staple gun



Sawhorses (optional)

Building a Custom Size Memo Board:

Cut your thin plywood to your specification with a SkilSaw.

cut board

Cover your wood with batting and fabric, then staple all around.

staple fabric pair

Next, measure and align your ribbon on your board.  Once you have your diamond design, secure the ribbon to the back with staples.

making a memo board

Use pliers to hold your nail heads in place, and pound into board with a mallet.  Secure ‘D’ ring hooks to the back, then hang on the wall.

nailheads and d rings

Cut your molding to the size of your memo board and secure to wall with finish nails.  Fill any cracks or damage from nails with spackle or caulk.

fill with caulking

To the hallway, I added some color to plain wall hooks with some craft paint.

craft paint

hand painted detail hooks (2)

Voila ! A ton of organization on a narrow strip of wall !

custom memo board

Have a fabulous weekend everyone !


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