Kitchen Refreshed

February 23, 2010

My friends, it took me a week, but I finished painting over my yellow kitchen !  You know how you just want something new after a few years of the same old look?  That was the story of our kitchen.  Hub and I just decided last fall that we’d grown tired of the butternut yellow on the island and walls.  I debated whether or not to do it because I did like the previous color, but eventually we just decided to go ahead and make the change. 

I was inspired to transform the space into a palette that would compliment the adjoining family and dining room, so we painted the walls, and I painted the island, a gray green color by Benjamin Moore called ‘Camouflage’.  I also replaced the valance and changed up the accessories. 

Welcome to our kitchen, refreshed.  Come on in and have a look around !

cg kitchen with b

cg kitchen green 

I even hung a mirror.  In a kitchen.

Just cause I think it’s purty. 

cg range


As you know, I’m a complete Francophile.  I like white.  I like white ceramics.  I like white spray paint.  And I like gardens.  When you combine a love for all French décor with a love of white, and spray paint, and gardens, you arrive at this !    

kitchen mantle mirror

. . . and this 

white ceramics


. . . and this

pitcher cropped


Here’s a peek at our unadorned paneled refrigerator. 

cg refrigerator 

Panels or no panels, in our house you’ll find the refrigerator doors filled with these kinds of artistic creations.  They make me smile whenever I go for a snack. 

pics on fridge


We do enjoy our secondary sink by the side door. 

Kids + dirt.  It comes in handy. 

second sink by door


I find most of my ceramics at the Goodwill, like these canisters I found last year.

second sink


I primed and painted this island all by my lonesome. 

Details to follow !

kitchen island painted


The cut glass on this chandy feels very old fashioned to me, in a really good way. 

cg chandelier


My favorite thing about my kitchen ? 

The garden window. 

cg garden window

kitchen garden window


It’s a magical little spot where I grow all sorts of things.

Right now, it’s this indoor herb garden.   

garden window


Here’s a few more thrift store finds. 

rosemary in goodwill vase


With a teenager + her friends + a hungry husband + two munchkins, it goes without saying that we go through fruit very fast, so I try to keep it around in pretty containers. 

bowl of apples after

citrus in urns


And just to keep it real, here’s a glimpse of what our kitchen looks like in real life.  

My ordinary daily mess:

real life


Every morning, I need good coffee.  And butter. And bread. 

five minutes later


I might need to brush his hair, but I confess I like my boy’s bed head. Even at noon. 

He likes carrots, she likes lemonade.  I like them.  :-)

five and ahalf minutes later


And I’d like to formally thank my hub for spending his Friday night doing this with for me.

mr cg

It’s sure nice to have a handy man around.  :-)   Especially when I can kick back for once and watch him work while I talk nonsense and drink Syrah.   :-)  

I spend a lot of time cleaning this kitchen, but I still love it so very much.  It’s like they say, the kitchen is the heart of the home !  It certainly is the heart of our home and where we spend most of the hours in our day with friends and family. 

I hope you like the new color !  We certainly do !  It’s very calming.  If anyone has any questions, please feel free to ask and I’ll try to answer them in a follow up post.  :-)


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