Kitchen Refreshed

February 23, 2010

My friends, it took me a week, but I finished painting over my yellow kitchen !  You know how you just want something new after a few years of the same old look?  That was the story of our kitchen.  Hub and I just decided last fall that we’d grown tired of the butternut yellow on the island and walls.  I debated whether or not to do it because I did like the previous color, but eventually we just decided to go ahead and make the change. 

I was inspired to transform the space into a palette that would compliment the adjoining family and dining room, so we painted the walls, and I painted the island, a gray green color by Benjamin Moore called ‘Camouflage’.  I also replaced the valance and changed up the accessories. 

Welcome to our kitchen, refreshed.  Come on in and have a look around !

cg kitchen with b

cg kitchen green 

I even hung a mirror.  In a kitchen.

Just cause I think it’s purty. 

cg range


As you know, I’m a complete Francophile.  I like white.  I like white ceramics.  I like white spray paint.  And I like gardens.  When you combine a love for all French décor with a love of white, and spray paint, and gardens, you arrive at this !    

kitchen mantle mirror

. . . and this 

white ceramics


. . . and this

pitcher cropped


Here’s a peek at our unadorned paneled refrigerator. 

cg refrigerator 

Panels or no panels, in our house you’ll find the refrigerator doors filled with these kinds of artistic creations.  They make me smile whenever I go for a snack. 

pics on fridge


We do enjoy our secondary sink by the side door. 

Kids + dirt.  It comes in handy. 

second sink by door


I find most of my ceramics at the Goodwill, like these canisters I found last year.

second sink


I primed and painted this island all by my lonesome. 

Details to follow !

kitchen island painted


The cut glass on this chandy feels very old fashioned to me, in a really good way. 

cg chandelier


My favorite thing about my kitchen ? 

The garden window. 

cg garden window

kitchen garden window


It’s a magical little spot where I grow all sorts of things.

Right now, it’s this indoor herb garden.   

garden window


Here’s a few more thrift store finds. 

rosemary in goodwill vase


With a teenager + her friends + a hungry husband + two munchkins, it goes without saying that we go through fruit very fast, so I try to keep it around in pretty containers. 

bowl of apples after

citrus in urns


And just to keep it real, here’s a glimpse of what our kitchen looks like in real life.  

My ordinary daily mess:

real life


Every morning, I need good coffee.  And butter. And bread. 

five minutes later


I might need to brush his hair, but I confess I like my boy’s bed head. Even at noon. 

He likes carrots, she likes lemonade.  I like them.  :-)

five and ahalf minutes later


And I’d like to formally thank my hub for spending his Friday night doing this with for me.

mr cg

It’s sure nice to have a handy man around.  :-)   Especially when I can kick back for once and watch him work while I talk nonsense and drink Syrah.   :-)  

I spend a lot of time cleaning this kitchen, but I still love it so very much.  It’s like they say, the kitchen is the heart of the home !  It certainly is the heart of our home and where we spend most of the hours in our day with friends and family. 

I hope you like the new color !  We certainly do !  It’s very calming.  If anyone has any questions, please feel free to ask and I’ll try to answer them in a follow up post.  :-)


214 Responses to “Kitchen Refreshed”

  1. Abby says:

    Your kitchen looks amazing! Looks like a kitchen you’d see in a home magazine. I love all the white, everything is so clean and crisp! Nice updating!

  2. Karena says:

    Absolutely beautiful I love everything about your new look, and am certainly going to stop by the Goodwill more often!


  3. Andrea T says:

    That looks amazing and I actually prefer it to the yellow. It’s a very very nice change. Great job CG family!

  4. Diana says:

    Oooh it’s lovely! It feels clean and soft and serene. Picture perfect!

  5. Cathe Holden says:

    A.M.A.Z.I.N.G! Ok, now having said that, I’m speechless.

    Looking forward to breakfast with you on Thursday. No doubt there will be paint in your hair!

  6. Liz says:

    WOW! I absolutely love everything about it…and your kids are GORGEOUS! :)

    Loving This Mom Stuff

  7. susan says:

    you’re kitchen is a dream! my dream! i love it! I love how bright and big and inviting it is. wow!

  8. Amy says:

    Absolutely beautiful! Do you have any before pics with the yellow?

  9. Julia says:

    GORGEOUS kitchen. Just… WOW.

  10. Sarah says:

    Looks beautiful, my favorite is the garden window too!

  11. Noelle says:

    Hi…I’m new to your blog (oh, about 5 days now) and I’m not embarrassed to say that I’ve been stalking it! O.M.G.!!! Your kitchen is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!!! Wowza!!!!! I’ve had a chance to peruse around your blog and I gotta say, i’m infactuated with everything you DIY!! Please keep up the great work. You are such an inspiration to me (and your readers!)!! By the way, I’m renovating my “new” 1950’s house I just purchased and that includes gutting the kitchen/bathroom, tearing out the wall between the kitchen and the new family room addition, remodeling the family room and remodeling the basement. A-LOT of work!! So you’re blog is totally inspiring me! Thanks again :)


  12. Kathy says:

    Awesome!! I love it. Question – did you paint your cabinets at some point (before this particular project)? If you did I would be very interested to hear whether the finish is standing up over time…..I want to paint my oak cabinets white but I’m nervous. Thanks again for sharing another great job!!!

  13. Melanie says:

    It turned out beautiful. It makes me miss my kitchen in Florida:(

    I had beige painted, coffee glazed cabinets and your kitchen made me homesick.

    I love the BM color.

  14. Tania Forti says:

    Your kitchen looks wonderful, I want some like that for me.

  15. Kate, loving that shelving above the stove! Beautiful! Great job on the changes and loving the color…very pretty. I am still in the middle of my transformation on our kitchen…eventually it will be there and worth it in the end! ;) Have a wonderful week!


  16. Liza says:

    Holy Molly!! that is one GORGEOUS kitchen.. I love the airyness of it… everything so swift and crisp.. love it.. And I’d never thought about a mirror on the kitchen, but your ‘mantle’ looks fab!… If I could only convince my husband to let me paint the kitchen cabinets in white.. our tiny kitchen will look so spacious and open.. You’re such a big inspiration!

  17. mary anne says:

    I LOVE YOUR KITCHEN!!! you did an amazing job. i would love a duplicate of your kitchen PLEASE:-)

  18. Jamie says:

    What a beautiful kitchen. Job well done!

  19. Rebekah C says:

    Sigh…..Eye candy!

  20. Love the green!!!

  21. wow! what a beautiful job! I love love the color!

  22. Just found your blog through another – can’t remember which one – maybe Simply Seleta!

    Your kitchen is wonderful!! I love it. I have been wanting to paint mine and have decided to be patient because we have our house on the market. Oh I can’t wait to have a pretty, fresh, bright kitchen!! Love yours and love your blog.

  23. Gorgeous. I<3 your kitchen–and I especially love the white on white accessorizing you're doing in there.

  24. Sue says:

    Coming out of lurkdom to tell you that your kitchen is STUNNING! I am in the middle of a re-do, (A long story!) and you have rejuvenated me! Thanks for the Uuuumph!

  25. Shiri says:

    Wow! The kitchen looks brand new! It’s so neutral and clean, and will be easy to change the look in the future with colorful accessories. Great job!

  26. Kate@That's What Living is to Me says:

    I just saved most of your pictures for my idea file so one day I can say to a contractor “Here is my dream kitchen. Give it to me!”

  27. Emily L. says:

    I’m in love with your kitchen! It turned out amazing.

  28. Jen says:

    Oh.My.Gosh. I loved your kitchen before, but this is so beautiful and fresh and clean – it looks fabulous! and I love love love the pics of your kids and hubby :)

  29. Allie says:

    WOW. Perfect in every way. So refreshing! I must say, when I heard that you were going to paint the kitchen, I was a bit disappointed. I REALLY liked the yellow. But….I REALLY like the new color as well! Bravo!

  30. carlotta says:

    Oh my gosh. Wow. I am sitting here stunned. And drooling (well, not, you know, *literally*). Your kitchen is GORGEOUS! And the huge window is the cherry on top of the whole thing. Wow.

  31. Jennifer says:

    I heart bedhead, I never brush Max’s hair ( my son). Cause I love his bedhead it is part of who he is to me :)
    Your kitchen is amazing.


  32. Jamara R says:

    I love the new look!! What I love most of all are the real life pictures! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

  33. Laura says:

    Beautiful. I would love to see some before pictures too!

  34. Sarah says:

    Very beautiful! I love your counter tops. I like it better than the yellow. That is a nice green on the center island and the mirror looks awesome above the stove.

  35. Brandi says:

    Hi Kate. What a stunning kitchen you have. I love the before and the after. You truly have a gift for amazing design! Can I hire you to come to Florida and do my kitchen? I have a question for you, did you make the window treatment, or did you hire someone to make it? If you made it, I’d loooove to see a tutorial (please :)

  36. Andrea says:

    Since you love the French and you like butter, you should invest in a french butter dish. I have a handmade pottery one in a really pretty green. Butter doesn’t go bad and it stays soft.

  37. KATE!! Breathtaking, simply breathtaking. Weak in the knees here. Just step over my passed out body on your way thru your MAGNIFICENT kitchen.

    The new color’s so fresh and serene!! Well done my friend (oh, ok, well done Mr. CG!)!

  38. Layla says:

    SOOOOO Amazing! LOVE LOVE LOVE it girlfriend!
    And your photography is pretty spectacular too!


  39. Dina says:

    oh my, so beautiful! I want your kitchen!

  40. Gypsie says:

    Not only is that the largest and nicest kitchen I have ever seen but it looks like it belongs in a magazine. I am awed by your kitchen. A-MAZING!

  41. Fawn says:

    Gorgeous! It is so beautiful. Great Job.

  42. oh my goodness, your house is just incredible.
    where on earth do you get a fridge like that?
    you have such style and taste.

  43. Charo says:

    Oh!!! It’s a very pretty and nice kitchen, es un magnífico trabajo de remodelación. Tus hijos estan preciosos.

  44. Megan says:

    Beautiful! Love the window!

  45. Dana Crowell says:

    SERIOUSLY CRISP and GORGEOUS! You all did an swesome job. Cannot believe it was done in a week! How did you get the cabinets all done so fast????
    WOMAN we HAVE to TALK!
    BTW: your photos of your herbs and your window are beautiful!
    Makes us want to visit!

  46. Yes, yes, yes. Love that you painted your island a soft green/gray! Beautiful. Don’t ya just love husbands that are handy around the house?


  47. Joyce says:

    I am so jealous of your kitchen- it is divine! I especially love the garden window *drools*

  48. elizabeth says:

    i have this paint swatch color painted on my wall. it looks great in your kitchen. i’m glad i got to see what it looks like in a kitchen rather than a swatch……awesome!

  49. Fabulous! What a beautiful chandelier and family!

  50. “Fresh” and “light” are definitely the words that come to mind. Love it!

  51. grace says:

    your other kitchen was pretty, but this is a million times better! great job:)

  52. Heather C. says:

    LOVING your new kitchen! Love how much light pours in!

  53. Beautiful, Kate! So very gorgeous. I love it already, but this new green is very pretty. Did you only paint the island, or all of the cabinet doors?
    Oh, and I absolutely love the mirror!

  54. I’m in LOVE! I really like what you did over the stove with the mirror. I love everything…So nice!

  55. cheryl says:

    Your new kitchen looks so crisp and clean. I just love it!! Lucky YOU….

  56. Melinda says:

    Your kitchen is beautiful! I love all the white. I collect milk glass, so you know I love your white pieces. Love & blessings from NC!

  57. Beckie says:

    Light, fresh, airy, serene, clean…LOVES!

  58. Amanda says:

    Spectacular…I am so very jealous!

  59. veronika says:

    wow this looks incredible! great work :)

  60. Amy Lynne says:

    Beautiful! I love how the light and airy feeling of the whole space. Well done!!

  61. Judy says:

    I thought I was looking at a magazine spread….seriously, this is some kind of gorgeous, you should be very proud of yourselves! It looks like a place you could practically live in!


  62. Jenny says:

    Love the colors! Your kitchen was to die for before and now it is even more beautiful!

  63. Kacey says:

    Gorgeous! Love all the French/non-traditional details.

  64. Lindsay says:

    I love it! It’s beautiful!

  65. Heck.

    So jealous.

  66. Cathy M~ says:

    Love the kitchen! The style of your cabinets is very similar to mine. My cabinets are cherry & I think they would look fab in this color. Could you please share the paint colors w/ us? Also, I love the countertops~are they granite? Very, very pretty!

  67. mikael says:

    You have my DREAM kitchen! Ug, I want it so badly. Maybe in my dreams (hence you having my dream kitchen). I am about to embark on a kitchen remodel, me painting my cabinets. Please, any advice would be VERY appreciated :)

  68. Jery says:

    Totally GREEN with envy over here! I think if I had your kitchen I’d never leave it :) What a lovely warm wonderful gathering place you have created!!

  69. Raru says:

    Niceeeeeeeeee!!!! Love it. Thank you for sharing :))))

  70. Kim says:

    I absolutely love your big bright and beautiful kitchen. I first loved it on RMS and it is so good to see it again on your blog. I recently started a blog just for fun since rms is not fun anymore. Your children are so cute and what a great hubby to help you out. I have a handyman hubby, too. They sure come in handy! I all the attention to detail in your kitchen. Great idea placing the coffee maker and sugar bowl on a tray. It just dresses up a plain ole coffee maker. Great big wonderful bay window with tons of bright light. How nice is that!! Have a great day….Kim

  71. Refreshed indeed! I just love how welcoming it is. When can we all move in? I like carrots and lemonade, too!

    – e

  72. Love the heck out of this new color and look. The kitchen itself is gorgeous, but the touches you’ve added make it perfect.

  73. It’s breathtaking, Kate. I especially love the herb garden…I’m attempting something similar in my little kitchen corner window :)

  74. Roeshel says:

    A lot of comments but I can’t resist adding one too. Your kitchen is a dream! Ours is still outdated, old farmhouse meets 1980s. It’s on the list and I hope the results are as beautiful as yours.

  75. Laila says:

    My future kitchen- I LOVE IT!!

  76. Amanda says:

    Looks beautiful – what a lovely, light filled kitchen. I love that window overlooking your garden x

  77. Lindsey says:

    Lovely. Need I say more? I think the window is my favorite part! I love a lot of light. :)

  78. I love your garden window! What happened to the little rose bushes though – they were so adorable. Everything in your kitchen looks so – spiffy! I love it.

  79. Linda says:

    Your kitchen is truly lovely and inspirational, and thank you especially for the ‘keeping it real’ photos! Mine is still rockin’ the 60’s-70’s – and not in a good way, lol. Just starting out with the step by stop remodel, so I love seeing photos of welcoming rooms such as yours.

  80. Lisa says:

    i love your kitchen!! i am looking to paint my drab kitchen. i wanted to use a bm color called wedgewood gray but was disappointed because it was too blue, not enough gray. so i was hoping for a greenish gray color- i’ll have to check out your color-camouflage!!

  81. Robin says:

    Love it!

  82. Kerry says:

    Can you talk a bit about the floor? What is it, and how do you manage with wood flooring in a kitchen with kids?

  83. Pinky says:

    O*M*G*…..I have fallen in LOOOOVE…..with your kitchen!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It is perfection to me!!!! Oh I am drooling all over my computer! I just found your blog and will be coming back to see all this lovliness!!!!! I love the new color! Oh, be still my heart!!!! XO, Pinky

  84. CentsationalGirl says:

    Hi Kerry. We’ve had wood floors for many years on the entire downstairs floor including the kitchen and bathroom. Water spills now and then, but we just wipe it up. It hasn’t buckled or bubbled or anything like that. It’s an old fashioned look, but we love it. I believe it’s just plain oak flooring with a natural stain on it. It also got several layers of poly before we moved back in. It gets a little scuffed and scratched, but it’s very easy to maintain. Just a very lightly damp mop every few days, and then I use a wood floor cleaner about three times a month just on the end of a flat square head mop.

  85. kathysue says:

    LOve your kitchen!!It is so fresh and bright. The window is spectacular and I love the mirror. I have a mirror in my kitchen and even the back wall of the glass cabinets has mirror on it. It brings in so much life, kind of like and extra window. I just did a post today on mirrors in the yard. I do like a good mirror, Kathysue

  86. gorgeous!! that window is wonderful- i had a small one at my old house, and i kind of miss it! however, my new kitchen is SO much better that i think i’ll live without it. : )
    pretty pretty pretty- good job!
    have a great weekend!

  87. Gosia says:

    Your kitchen make-over is fantastic. It’s tough to add any more positives to the stunning review already. So just this – f-a-b-u-l-o-u-s!-!-!

  88. Apryl says:

    I loved your kitchen before but the paint color looks very nice. Very classy and calming. :) Nice job.

  89. jennifer a says:

    Wow. I LOVE your kitchen. It is absolutely gorgeous. It looks like a page from a magazine. I love all the white. Especially the mirror and all the white ceramics around it. Beautiful!

  90. Tyler says:

    Usually I just skim through these blogs and only read ones that -jump- out at me so I can get new ideas for designs and stuff and yours did just that. Thanks for it – it is actually a real good read! Do you have a subcribe area so I can link to it to read again another day? Let me know – thanks.


  91. […] few weeks ago you all saw the new color I painted in the refreshed kitchen !  Every morning it’s like a breath of fresh air walking into this space, and I’m so […]

  92. […] The area rug is from Overstock and can be found right here.  The wall color ties in with the greens in the carpet – it is Benjamin Moore’s ‘Camouflage’ just like in my kitchen.  […]

  93. Zizette says:

    I Love Camouflage – it is the color of my kitchen too. Only my cabinets are Onyx from Benjamin Moore. Someday I will have the white kitchen. Love your kitchen.

  94. Jeannene says:

    You are very inspiring! I am back to my “projects” as you provided the incentive.

    Question – did you use Carerra marble in your kitchen? How is is holding up? I really want it but am told that it is too high maintance.

  95. Mary Kuhn says:

    Your blog has inspired many rooms during our renovation-I first stumbeled upon your blog when I was redoing my home office (your colors inspired me) then your white cabinets made us okay with the idea of refinishing our cabinets rather than purchasing new ones-i LOVE your ideas, thanks for posting and I’ll be checking weekly!

  96. Talysa says:

    It looks as though your trim doesn’t match your cabinets? Am I right? I am remodeling and wondering if my cabinets need to match my trim above them in my kitchen. Just like to get your opinion.

  97. […] a pale green color.  It’s a combination of the leftover BM ‘Camouflage’ from the kitchen, mixed with some of the green leftover from these cottage […]

  98. Amy says:

    I was about to paint my kitchen like your yellow kitchen. Now I see you have changed your color that is a close match to mine, now I am in love with that color again. Thank you I didn’t really want to go through all of the work anyways ;).

  99. Nadine says:

    loving your kitchen. may i ask what type of marble you used. also i really like the wood combo with the marble

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