My New Best Friend

January 26, 2010

I have a new best friend, and it is a can of paint. 

You’re surprised ?

opulence pearl

My friends, I’m here to tell you about a can of semi-gloss that sets my heart awhirl.  It’s made by Pratt & Lambert and it’s called ‘Opulence Pearl’ (also available in silver and gold).  It can be tinted or used just as it is.  Valspar has a comparable product available at Lowes.  This version from Pratt & Lambert is a semi-translucent paint that gives just that subtle pearlescent finish that I adore.  Like a moth to a flame, any accessory that shines with a mother of pearly finish and I go gaga.   (Hence, the recent vintage case purchase.)

“Hello, my name is Kate and I’m addicted to shimmer finishes.”

I wanted to try it out on a few pieces before using it in a larger project.  Take a peek at these $5 dollar Goodwill finds transformed with two coats of white paint, and two coats of Opulence Pearl. 

Lamp, Before and After

lamb before and after

Looky loo at this new pearly shine.  So puuuuurty.

pearly lamp base

How about this beat up old tray ? 

Pretty shape.  Didn’t like the red oak.

b and a1


Luster is luscious.

tray close up


Brand new accessories for my living room.

Now the quest for the perfect lamp shade begins. 

pearl tray and lamp


I never tire of the transformative power of paint. 

opulence pearl glow

Opulence Pearl Latex Semi Gloss, will you be my Valentine ? 


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