Woodland Wreath by Mini CG

October 21, 2009

“Mom?  I found these acorns outside.  Can we pleeeeeeeaase make a squirrel house today ?”

begger girl

Me: The squirrels don’t really need a house for their acorns.

Mini CG:  “Well, can we make something pretty ?  Today ?  Right now ?  Pleeeeeease ?”


Me: Well, I have some laundry to finish, and some dishes to clean, and . . . OK.  We can make something pretty right now.

Can we go get some ribbons at the store ? 


“Mom.  Can I please have this squirrel to eat my acorns ?”

woodland squirrel

He is cute.  I think so. 

“Can we please make a wreath with these smelly cones and some ribbons and some of these sparkly leaves ?”

wreath supplies


“Mom.  Can you help me glue these acorns to the sparkly leaves ?”

glue acorns 

Yes. Be careful of the hot glue.

“Mom, can we hang it up for everyone to see ?”

*sigh*.  Yes, dear.

woodland wreath in dining

A woodland critter wreath, by Mini CG.

wreath up close

Complete with “sparkly leaves and smelly cones” of scented cinnamon. 

I was overpowered by the irresistible cuteness of this combination. critter combo picture

Spending three hours and $20 dollars on a kid craft?  Not my plan today.

Ignoring the laundry and spending an afternoon with my girl ? 



31 Responses to “Woodland Wreath by Mini CG”

  1. Kitty says:

    I agree. Irresistible!

  2. Laurie says:

    Awww how cute she is! The squirrel is pretty cute too :-)

  3. Kate says:

    Well she takes after her Mum doesn’t she! Great wreath and very cute!

  4. Norma says:

    that wreath turned out great! it’s a little CG in training!

  5. rebekah says:

    You made THE perfect choice! Nothing…even a clean, laundry free house is as wonderful as time spent w/ sweet, little, creative girls! I have one just like her myself! Her wreath is as beautiful as she!

  6. Susan Phelps says:

    You’re right…it is priceless. I remember doing these kinds of things with my nieces. Now, the youngest has become a mom for the 1st time & is looking forward to doing the same with her little boy! She says it’s thanks to her crafty Auntie Sue! I had to smile…proudly.

  7. Pat says:

    Such beautiful memories you’re creating! She will remember this forever! Kids don’t pay attention or really remember how clean the house was, if the laundry was done or not…but your spending time with her is truly priceless. She’s adorable and the wreath is great!

  8. Sara says:

    Oh that is a great wreath, the squirrel is adorable but your daughter stole the show! :)

  9. Liz Hansen says:

    I don’t want to be Debbie Downer, but the worms will come out of the acorns soon now that they’re in the nice warm house. :-( I know because it happened to me on Sunday. I live in Sacramento and we have a huge beautiful oak tree in our yard, whose acorns I was decorating with everywhere. Well, Sunday my sister noticed that there were WORMS all over my decorations. I hear that you can pop the nuts out of the caps, bake them in a 200* oven for an hour and it will kill the worms.

    Might be worth trying to pry the nuts off and baking a new batch so your girl doesn’t have to go through the emotional trauma of worms all over her art. :-(

  10. Jessi E says:

    I love this story! And that is a beautiful wreath-she has a great eye!

  11. Jamara R. says:

    I love this craft! I think w/ all the different web toys out there it’s great to do something hands on & crafty with our little ones from time to time. Your daughters wreath is fantastic! Way to go!

  12. Shea Lynn says:

    She is adorable and you are a great Mom. I think she’s definitely following in your super fabulous decorating DIY footsteps!!!!

  13. Yolanda says:

    Oh man that is cute. I think I’m going to have to copy Mini CG and make woodland wreath of my own.

  14. Victoria Kageni says:

    Wow! Mini CG is certainly on her way.You never have to worry about her asking for something so extravagant ,when she has the prowess and know how ,to turn smelly acorns into a master-piece-one -of-a-kind.
    Wonderful ! Good job Mimi CG…is your Mommy great or what? :-)

  15. June says:

    Now, that is sweet!

  16. Young Wife says:

    The wreath is great! And what a fun memory you two have now.

  17. Young Wife says:

    The wreath is great! And what a wonderful memory you two have now.

  18. She has her mother’s gift!!! The wreath is adorable and so is she. :)

  19. I love, love, love it! The mini squirrel is perfect and so cute, I’ll be expecting a blog from mini CG soon! :)

  20. I agree. Time spent creating with our kids truly is priceless. Really cute wreath, too!

  21. Oh, how cute is that?! Both of them, that is. That is really adorable, great job.

  22. Melanie says:

    So sweet. I love the squirrel. How cute is he?

  23. CentsationalGirl says:

    OMG Liz that’s disgusting !!!!!!

    That wreath has been moved outside PRONTO ! It is now an “outdoor” wreath.

    Good God.

    Well. I’ll just look on the bright side. You learn something new every day !

    Too too funny. I am LOL right now.


  24. Audrey says:

    Just to darned cute!

  25. Sue says:

    Oh but they grow up so fast…so, you made the wise choice. This made me smile (and miss my 25-year-old baby).


  26. AMAZINGLY cute, probably the cutest wreath ever. That squirrel is darling! LOVE IT!

  27. Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions says:

    How could you resist that face? What a cute wreath and after reading Liz’s comment, I’m glad you moved it outside. It is absolutely priceless time well spent. My daughter is 22 now and I sometimes marvel at how fast the time flew by.

  28. Em says:

    She’s good! Very festive wreath- and the squirrel? LOL, he’s too cute. But worms? Oh yuck. Haha! Who knew!

  29. Jenny says:

    That’s adorable! She’s a doll!

  30. ShannonD says:

    Not all acorns have worms/grubs in them. I’ve had some in my house for years that never “wormed”. And then this year I found a bunch that did! ick.

  31. ShannonD says:

    Let me clarify: The acorns from past years did not have worms. I still have them.

    The acorns from THIS year had plenty of worms. I threw them out.

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