Pillow Spotlight: Fresh for Fall & Under Fifty

September 1, 2009

With the kids back to school, I can’t help but anticipate the changing of the seasons.  It’s still warm here in California, but when I take my daughter to school in the early morning, I can smell the crispness of the air.  Autumn is coming!   I really want to accessorize my family room with a few pieces for fall. 

Coincidentally, I received an email the other day requesting I feature some affordable décor.  So today, my mind is on decorative throw pillows, especially in warmer tones: chocolate browns, golds, burnt oranges, rich reds and olive greens. 

I thought I’d go browsing online to see what stylish pillows are available for the autumn season.  Here are some selections I found in earthy colors, and all under $50 dollars.  

From Target:

target pillows Dwell Studio lattice $24.99; Paisley toss brown $24.99;  Thai silk brown $49.99; Normandy Ciel $49.99

From Crate + Barrel

crate and barrel pillows Carmen chartreuse (multiple colors)  $49.95; Gillespie $36.95; Alexis $36.95; Mendocino $46.95

From Kohl’s

kohl pillowsTara leaf $29.99;  Brentwood chenile ribbon (multiple colors) $24.99; 2 pack Quilted Diamond in claret (multiple colors) $39.99; Casa Cristina Tapiz $29.99

From Kmart:

kmart pillows Chicago textile (multiple sizes and colors) $44; Tea Leaves pillow $12.99; Jaclyn Smith chocolate & aqua flocked pillow (multiple colors) $14.99; Jaclyn Smith Willow pillow $14.99

From Pillow Decor

pillow decor pillowsYellow flowers on chocolate $29.99; Dramatic swirls pillow cover $47.95; Blue flowers on chocolate $24.95; Atomic flowers $29.95

From Overstocks:

overstocks pillows Sophia Paisley velvet $39.76; Set of 2 Seville $29.99; Cobblestone $19.99;  Banana & Fern leaf $24.99

From Pottery Barn:

pb pillowsPaper crochet pillow $45 – $49; Grapevine pillow $29; Graphic crewel cover $49; Cafe pillow covers $39

So many choices for autumn !  What are your plans to freshen your nest for the season?  


2 Responses to “Pillow Spotlight: Fresh for Fall & Under Fifty”

  1. Katherine says:

    I love everything you do, you are so talented! So I was hoping you could help me out, I have a brown (real) leather couch and two matching arm chairs that I love but I can not seem to be able to decorate around them! Now I am wishing I had bought some white or cream couches. :0( Can you help me, Please?

  2. Maman Tattoo says:

    well my plan is: We’re moving!

    so, lots of fresh air. Lots of space to decorate. I’m thrilled!

    and I LOVE the aqua bleu chocolate motif ones

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