No More Writer’s Block

August 20, 2009

Last week, I hinted at the table I transformed into a desk for my office/library in this post

For some time, I’ve been drawn to the idea of a writer’s desk in lieu of my traditional dark wood desk with its big and heavy drawers.  By definition, a writer’s desk is more like a table, with few or no drawers, open and airy, forcing the user to be clever with storage, and always organized.  And I’m the type that has to force myself to be organized. 

In my decision to move from dark to light, I found a table at a local outlet that was closing its doors, and decided that with a little paint, and a glass top, it could become my own version of a writer’s desk. 

Just for kicks, take a peek at a few writer’s desks I admire, but am not so willing to pay top dollar for:

beckton writing table ballardBeckton from Ballard Designs

kathy ireland writers desk computerdeskexpertsFrom Computer Desk Experts 

white writing desk overstocks From Overstocks

winham writing desk crate and barrel Windham from Crate + Barrel

To replace my dark wood desk, I found a solid wood table for $40 at a local outlet closing its doors – the same outlet where I found these twin glass towers

Here’s the table:

table before

Just a basic, ordinary table, painted a butter yellow.  I didn’t want the yellow shade in my office, so I sanded the top, primed it with spray primer, then gave it two coats of my most favorite shade of spray paint: Rustoleum’s ‘Heirloom White’.  

rustoleum heirloom white

To give it a personal touch, I made my own stencil out of the fabric from this valance, with the idea to copy the pattern onto my new desk.  

Here’s what I did:  1) I photocopied the fabric on my office printer/copier, 2) I used a report cover available at any office supply store as the base for my stencil, and finally, 3) I used a sharp blade to cut out my own pattern in the plastic. 

homemade stencil 

With my homemade stencil, I sketched the pattern in pencil on the table top. 

sketch stencil

Over the sketch, I used an artist’s brush to paint over the pattern with a soft blue/gray acrylic paint. 

I had a local glass shop make me a custom glass top.  In this picture, you can see some of the hand painted detail. 

desk detail

Can I just tell you it’s almost impossible to get a decent photograph of a glass table top under a window.  The glare is way too intense. 

more table detail

So there it is – my own hand painted writer’s desk for my new office.  Please forgive the bad photograph due to the awful glare.  I even had to lower my dreaded mini blinds which I always hide.  Grrrr.  I couldn’t get a decent shot!  I’m sure you get the idea. 

desk after with chair 

And that is how I transformed an ordinary table into my new desktop.  Now if only I could tackle painting those giant bookcases, I could finish this space !

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