Tick Tock Transformation

June 19, 2009

It’s a strange thing.  When I first started “thrifting” I was able to browse leisurely with just a few other patrons.   Yet the other day, I couldn’t find a parking spot at the local Goodwill. 

Perhaps this speaks to the state of our economy, or the opening of other’s eyes to the treasures that await at the local thrift.  Better still, perhaps this is part of a growing movement to repurpose and revamp what already exists, without resorting to buying something new.

Despite the growing shoppers at the Goodwill, I did find a fabulous highboy dresser that I’ll be redoing for my entryway. 

And I also found the TACKIEST oversized octagon clock for $10 with brass detailing and just had to give it a CG makeover. 

Disclaimer:  The final product may not be your favorite, or even your style, but the point is to “thrift outside the box”.  Happy hunting, friends.

Here it is BEFORE in my garage:

clock before


clock final

I spray painted it with our favorite, Rustoleum’s Heirloom White.

heirloom white

I carefully pried off the brass detailing with a screwdriver.  Then I removed the leftover adhesive goo with a razor blade, and some “Goof Off”. 

goodbye brass

razor blade

goof off

I dismantled the clock face, and painted the hands:

clock face

I used my Cricut machine to create new vinyl numbers for the face.


Here is the clock face before and after the new numbers: 

clock face before

clock face after 

And yes, this clock actually works !

I must tell you, it is nearly impossible to photograph mirrored decor, because in my case, it is always reflecting the mess in the background.  And there tend to be many messes in the CG household.   Well, I had made my bed, so I propped it up in my master, just to show you the detail.  I have plans to hang it in my office opposite the window, when that space is complete.  

clock in master


Finally, I have this wonderful gift assortment to giveaway from my visit to the Lavender Bee Farm, a $60 value.  Basket not included.  These all natural products include:

  1. Linen napkins with embroidered lavender detail
  2. Satin beaded sachet of fresh lavender buds
  3. Lavender hydrosol linen water
  4. Bee Bar (beeswax and olive oil) for elbows, heels and rough spots
  5. Tin of lavender & sea salt culinary blend
  6. Fresh sprigs of Provence lavender, cut this week
  7. One dozen lavender recipes, including salad dressings, desserts, and savory dishes
  8. Jar of all natural honey
  9. Sonoma County Farm Trails booklet


To be eligible, simply leave a kind comment !  The winner will be chosen by Random.org.  Giveaway ends Sunday Jue 14th at 8 p.m. PST. 

Happy Father’s Day Weekend !




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