Goodbye Brass, Hello Class

June 3, 2009

Earlier I hinted at the stash of exceptionally tacky brass objects I picked up at the Goodwill yesterday.  I had been looking for the perfect little table to sit next to my master bathtub for keeping soaps, washcloths and other bath products handy.  Then I spotted a hideously shiny metal table that I knew I could transform with just a bit of spray paint.

Here are the items before the transformation.  They consist of a shiny brass table and candlesticks, rusty planter, tarnished mint julep cup and brassy framed mirror.  Total rejects right?  Wrong.

Here’s my transformation:

First things first.  In order to shout “Be gone, vile brass!” you must arm yourself with spray paint.  I wanted to give the candlesticks an antiqued look, so I sprayed the first layer with an espresso color:

Then I gave the candlesticks a second layer of Rustoleum’s ‘Heirloom White’ (a favorite) and wiped away a bit of paint with moist wipes to expose the brown underneath.

Next, I spray painted the $2 mirror and $1 rusty bucket with the same paint.  I wiped away a bit of paint on the frame to expose the beaded trim underneath.

I spray painted the $5 brass metal table with the same Heirloom White paint.  And I cleaned up this silver mint julep cup with a bit of silver polish.  I added some candles and towels from Kohls, some soaps and hydrangea buds, and now I have my lovely bath side table, equipped for all things relaxing.  I love the harlequin pattern on the base of this little table.

Now it’s time to order that Oceanside glass tile this week to trim out my next big home improvement project:  my dream master shower, wahoo!




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