Decor to Score from CB2

May 18, 2009

Perhaps I’ve been living under a rock, but there is a new catalog I am getting in the mail for the last few months that features some modern and hip decor that, how shall I say, rocks.

bamm bamm rocks

CB2 is a sister store of Crate and Barrel, with a few stores in NYC, LA, Chicago, SF and Berkeley. It features modern decor that is edgy, hip and contemporary. For someone like me who leans traditional, I find myself strangely drawn to many of their modern accessories. Am I the only one left on the planet who is just hearing about this line of affordable decor?

Here are my new favorites:

Sprout Bottle Vases, $5 to $8

SproutBottleVases 5 to 8

Grassy spherical Astro Balls, $3 to $4

AstroBalls 4 to 5

Like sands through the Hour and Minute Glasses, $10 to $30, also in gray

hour or minute glass 10 to 30

Taj/Mahal vases, $5

taj mahal vases 5

Go for a ride with this Bike Pillow, $30

bike pillow 30

Travel south of the border with these Andes/Inca/Urpu vases, $10 to $20

AndesUrpuIncaVases 10 to 20 sale

Say ‘Good Morning’ with this Carton Vase, $7

carton vase 7

Give your guests pause with a Comma Plate, $4

A great look when grouped in a collection like this.

comma plate 4

Formosa Tray Table, $50, also in white

FormosaTrayYellow 50

Aah, some agua. Stainless Steel Water Pitcher, $30

stainless steel water pitcher 30

Teardrop Diamond Hanging Vase, $5 each

These look so beautiful in a group. Look here.

TeardropHangVase 5

Bamboo Pendant Lamp, $129

WhiteWshBambooPendnt 130

Lumiere Candlesticks, $4 to $8

(Imagine my pointer finger pressed against my thumb. That’s how close I am to ordering these.)

lumiere candleholders  4 to 8

Whirly Hanging Candleholder, $4 each

These look amazing in a collection. See here.

whirly hanging candle holder

Phantom Table Lamp, $99

phantom table lamp 99

An instant foot massage with this Pebble Mat, $40

PebbleMatGrey 40

Acrylic and chrome Monacle Side Table, $99

monacle side table

Mercury Vases, $4 to $7

mercury vases

Support good ideas with these People Bookends, $40, also in white

chrome people bookends

Take a Spin Candleholders, $3 each

SpinVotives 3

Go mod with these Pressed Vinyl Table Runners, $24 (also avail in placemats for $7)

PressedVinylDotRunners 24

Cayman Plates, $1 to $4

cayman plates

Swirl Barware, $5 each

swirl barware

If you had a CB2 gift card, which item featured would you buy for your home, and where would you put it ?


15 Responses to “Decor to Score from CB2”

  1. slip4 says:

    I would get the Phantom lamp for my new sunroom. And a bunch of the Whirly Hanging Candleholders to hang from trees for an outdoor party!

  2. Kimm at Reinvented says:

    I love the candlesticks and that pebble mat looks heavenly. I have to admit, though, while I drooled over some of that stuff, I kept thinking “aw, I could make that out of a thrift store item!” :)

  3. Diane says:

    The candlesticks are incredible. And, for some reason, the funky/modern TV tray tables are also appealing. I could see them as side tables in my office.

  4. Beverly says:

    Definitely the bamboo pendant lamp!

  5. Brie says:

    I would get the Caymen plates in green. Dishes are the only decor thing that doesn’t get stashed in storage right now while I live with the in-laws. I just found your blog last week through the Nester and LOVE it!

  6. Rachel says:

    I love cb2! I’ve been getting the magazine and emails for a while now, so I must say you might have been living under a rock haha! Love your picks though. They ROCK!

  7. Anonymous says:

    I too <3 CB2. I have the lumiere candlesticks in my bathroom. What amazing prices for such loveliness.


  8. Becky says:

    I’ve never heard of CB2, so thanks for the heads up :)

    I love the mercury vases as well as the hour glass set. We are redecorating our master bdrm. and these accents would be perfect! And bonus…they’re not budget breakers!!!

  9. Lindy says:

    These glasses

    I love them. They look like clear dixie cups but they are glass! I love how funky yet raditional they are. I have been dying to order them for some time now.

  10. Anonymous says:

    This is way too trendy. Nothing timeless or classic. It’s hip and young, but that’s about it. Next year it will be so……out! It all seems so wrong.

  11. Johnson Family says:

    I am sorry, I dont care for any of it. It all seems to trendy/modern and that is not my style. Just my personal opinion though….
    I am on a budget so when I decorate I try to add peices that are timeless or that at least will not be out of style next year.

  12. kelly (and dan!) says:

    Oh dear GOD. I have to stop myself on a nearly daily basis from going on a CB2 shopping spree. Doesn't help that I'm in Chicago and therefore WAY too close to the store to be good for my wallet.

    Either way, I have managed to stop myself from purchasing this shower curtain, although I am obsessed with how well it would match my turquoise bathroom and make the teeny space just POP.

    I'm waiting for it to go on sale because $35 for a shower curtain is pushing it for me. Feel free to cross your fingers for me! ;)

  13. Susie Q says:

    You know…that pebble foot massage mat would be really easy to do with a few bags of the pebble from the dollar store and a tray..hmmmmmm

  14. I really like the tier drop vases. Do you know if those can hang flush against a wall?

  15. sarah b says:

    Love the candlesticks and the hanging teardrop vases. Can just see the sun shining through them… You could pick up some great faux flowers and fill the bottom of the vase with acrylic. Looks like fresh flowers in water hanging. Beautiful and no maintenance!

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