Yellow Handbag for Moi

March 18, 2009

Twice a year, I buy a new handbag. Last fall/winter it was a brick red satchel. The spring/summer of 08 was a metallic cream bag. This year, I’ve decided to go yellow for spring and summer. After all, it is the hot color. I’ve convinced myself that yellow really is a neutral, and will match everything I wear. [Will I look back on this in five years as a fashion mistake?]

Here are some sun-shiny beauties that are way out of my price range:

jimmy choo robin leather $1395


Jimmy Choo, robin leather satchel, $1,395

tods soft dbag neiman marcus $1925

Tod’s soft Dbag from Neiman Marcus, $1,925

prada naplak barneys $1695


Prada ‘Naplak’ from Barneys, $1,695

salvatore ferragamo origami saks $1890 Salvatore Ferragamo ‘Origami’ from Neiman Marcus for $1,890

lockheart sadie sweet and sour satchel saks $395 Lockheart Sadie ‘sweet and sour’ from Saks, $395

zappos dooney and burke 298


Dooney & Burke from Zappos for $298

nicki shoulder bag linea pelle $409


Nicki shoulder bag from Linea Pelle, $409


However, these I can afford:

zappos nine west justine shopper 79


Nine West ‘Justine’ Shopper, $79

zappos o'neill 48

O’Neill bag from Zappos, $48


zappos jessica simpson azza satchel ii 108


Jessica Simpson Azza Satchel II, $108 (ouch)

target merona mustard tote 25

Target ‘Merona’, $25

rosetti faux leather kohls $33 Rosetti from Kohl’s, $33


perlina from ebags $45Perlina from for $45


bagtique from ebags $46 Bagtique from for $46


kathy van zeeland by ebags $75 Kathy van Zeeland from for $75

Which one do you vote for?


9 Responses to “Yellow Handbag for Moi”

  1. Erin says:

    You know what? And this is no lie. I actually like the Merona one the best. Tod’s comes in second (but I take it that’s not in the category we’re voting for).

  2. newlyb says:

    I vote for the Target Merona one, too — what a pretty shade :)

  3. Jen says:

    Hmm, I like the Nine West one…every spring I look at all the pretty colored bags and I end up with beige. Maybe it’s time for a change…

  4. Freckles Chick says:

    It figures that my fave is the 2nd most expensive one, the Prada–yikes! If only I hadn’t spent all my money on my Jimmy Choos, I could get it =)

    But I also adore the Merona one! Target never fails!

  5. Monica says:

    Ooh, these make me want to buy a new purse too. I like the Nicki shoulder bag the best, but it’s out of my price range. My second fav is the Nine West bag.

  6. People Power Granny says:

    Don’t we love spring! But it seems so unsympathetic for Mother Nature to show off all her splendor while the world is in a deep recession. How dare she! Hope you get a chance to read my take on this all at and vote in my poll about what you’re doing this spring…other than buying a new handbag!

  7. Jessica Morris says:

    Is it sad that I have had your blog open for the past several days and have read back as far as this post so far!? (and I am still reading… I just thought I would comment on this purse thing!)
    I have fallen in love with your blog :) You have fantastic style and great pictures to go along with your engaging dialogue!

    My husband buys me a quality purse each year for my birthday – it keeps me from splurging on purses throughout the year (unless I find a steal at a yard sale on brand new ones… like I did this year on a Chinese Laundry purse).
    I love the "tradition" of him picking out a purse for me each birthday, it's fun and he's got great style and spends more than I would :)

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  9. Thank you! The post is very helpful!

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