Mantel Decor

February 23, 2009

I am always interested in how people decorate their mantels. It says so much about a person. Most mantels have candles, clocks, art and mirrors as a main staple. I am drawn to a mantel that’s a stylish statement. Here are some that caught my eye today as I surfed for inspiration:
From a Country Living gallery:
I love the letters in different sizes and colors, and the gold easel.
Photo by Keith Scott Morton.
Nice all white color scheme with vintage pieces.
Photo by Michael Luppino
From an Inviting Home gallery:

This is so serene to me. I love the celedon color on the walls, in contrast with the black marble center and gold detailing on the screen.

You can buy these arrangements at Mantlescapes:

From the HGTV website:

Painting the fireplace surround and adding glass tile has such a big impact. Note the minimalist decor on the mantel.

If I had a brick fireplace, I’d consider painting it white like this one. But I’m not a big fan of the tulips… I’d love to see a series of orchids and an oversized black & white print above the mantel.

Here are some ideas from the Better Homes & Gardens gallery:

Don’t like the wall color, but I dig the symmetry of three.

This photo is so me, I can’t stand it.
French flair, gold bling, cool tones, dark wood accents, white everywhere. What I would give for this chandelier in my foyer.
This is so dramatic, and the photo display is perfect.
This wall color is superb, a little bit latte, a little bit mushroom.
These are from the Domino magazine site:

“Super Showy Focal Point…”
Photo by Jim Bastardo, June 2005

“A Clever Take…”
Photo by James Merrell, November 2006

“Monochrome Arrangement…”
Photo by Lisa Cohen, January/February 2006

“A Quirky Take…”
Photo by Lucas Allen, November 2005

“Nina Campbell’s glimmery hearth…”

Photo by James Merrell


“Salon style…”
Photo by Paul Costello, November 2005

I am going to do some hunting around my house for objects d’art that are begging to come out and be displayed.  Hoping to upgrade my own mantle decor soon.


2 Responses to “Mantel Decor”

  1. G+D says:

    I’m so glad I don’t have a mantle–I don’t think I could handle the pressure. No. That’s a lie. I’m jealous as HELL I don’t have a mantle!

    **throwing a fit and chucking mirrors and vases left and right b/c I have no mantle to display them on**

  2. Suzanne says:

    So I don't know if you found a chandelier like the one in the photo for your foyer, BUT, if you go to, they have one that is VERY similar to that one, just a tad smaller. I saw it today as I was browsing. And they will ship. :) I bought a light from them just a few months ago.

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